Cyclops - Part II, The Cyclops: Chapters 27 - 29 Summary & Analysis

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Part II, The Cyclops: Chapters 27 - 29 Summary

Pitt wakens to find himself treated for his injuries, bandaged, and having slept on a feather bed. The luxuries end there. He is locked in the room. Knocking on the door brings an armed guard who escorts Pitt to a study where he is courteously interrogated by Peter Velikov, the head of Russia's most secret military installation. Pitt responds with dry sarcasm that he and his companions know nothing of the island and their appearance is merely an accident. Velikov does not believe Pitt. He promises to get the "truth" out of them and then he will have to kill them.

Ira Hagen finds Clyde Booth's setup in a filthy gas station that is clearly a set. The giveaway for Hagen is the highly sophisticated surveillance system that was at odds with the ramshackle state of the station. Forcing the attendant to talk out of view of the surveillance system, Hagen learns that Booth is a space scientist who has a plant just outside of Santa Fe. Leonard Hudson is nervous because members of the Inner Core are being tracked down and that their video images of the one tracking them are always blurry. They know that he is a top professional who has serious backing, likely the President. Hudson is frustrated, for he believed that the President would back the security of the Jersey Colony from Soviet penetration. Hudson and Eriksen both know that the President will not willingly accept acts of war against the Russians, which the Inner Core is prepared to do should they need to.

Part II, The Cyclops: Chapters 27 - 29 Analysis

A secret Soviet military installation off the coast of Cuba is not good news for the U.S. Nor is the fact that the Inner Core responsible for the Jersey Colony on the moon are prepared to use deadly force to retain possession of the technological advance. The Jersey Colony is responsible for the destruction of three Soviet spacecraft. What is still unclear is whether or not the Inner Core is aware that the Soviet crafts were manned when they were shot down. The Soviets, certainly, intend to get what information they can from Pitt, Gunn, and Giordino and then dispatch them. There seems to be little difference between the two countries as to the lengths to which they will go to preserve their secrets. The President is trying to gather information to determine the best course of action, yet his power in this situation appears to be quite limited.

This section contains 431 words
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