Cyclops - Part II, The Cyclops: Chapters 24 - 26 Summary & Analysis

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Part II, The Cyclops: Chapters 24 - 26 Summary

After struggling through the gale force winds, Pitt, Giordino, Gunn and Jessie come to a building, drawn by the smell of food cooking. Pitt's companions are done in with exhaustion and injuries. A vote is taken and they agree to throw themselves on the mercy of the Cuban government. To their surprise, most of the officers are not Cuban but Soviet and near the head of the table is none other than Raymond LeBaron. While Pitt, Gunn, and Giordino try to make sense of Raymond LeBaron's presence on the Cuban island, Ira Hagen is in Colorado Springs. General Clark Fisher is on his list and by pretending to be a pest controller, Ira is able to search the general's office, but finds nothing. He follows the general and driver, then seizes his opportunity, knocking the general out and stealing his briefcase which he does not open until he is on his plane. Inside Ira finds notes on the flight of the space shuttle, Gettysburg. He also finds a coded list of the entire Inner Core. The Lear jet heads for Albuquerque where Hagen hopes to locate one of the Inner Core in person.

Admiral Sandecker bullies his way past Dan Fawcett to confront the President about what he believes to be the deaths of three of his dearest friends: Dirk Pitt, Al Giordino, and Rudi Gunn. The President explains how Cuba is being drowned by Russian policy and that Russia intends to take over Cuba. The Russians would love to have a foothold in the Western Hemisphere. The Soviets are suffering from economic problems, the standard of living for their citizens is appalling. Castro fears Soviet infiltration into his government and he is now afraid that the Soviets intend to assassinate him and Raul. The ploy with the blimp was to communicate back and forth between Castro and the U.S. without tipping their hand and alerting the Russians.

Part II, The Cyclops: Chapters 24 - 26 Analysis

The whole story is finally becoming clear. The true antagonist is Russia. Even Castro's Cuba is seen as more benign than having a Soviet governed Cuba just miles off the Florida coast. Russia is hungry for power. They plan to dominate the lunar colony as they plan to infiltrate Fidel Castro's Cuba and establish a Soviet Communist presence in the Western Hemisphere. It appears that Raymond and Jessie LeBaron have been pawns in a world power game, even though they are aware of the risks. The same cannot be said for Pitt, Giordino, and Gunn. They believed they were looking for a missing person. Now it appears they are prisoners, not of Cuba, but of the Soviet Union.

This section contains 459 words
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