Cyclops - Part II, The Cyclops, Chapters 21 - 23 Summary & Analysis

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Part II, The Cyclops, Chapters 21 - 23 Summary

Giordino finds the nameplate of the Cyclops, confirming their find. Knowing that the La Dorada will be in the cargo hold, they head there. The air in their tanks is limited and they still have the hurricane above the surface to deal with. They find the crate, but to their disappointment, it is empty. The remains of a modern diver are there, but the treasure is gone. Pitt makes note of the diver's helmet make and model. On the surface, the inflatable boat they have toted since leaving the wreckage of the Prosperteer is now inflated in the savage seas of the hurricane. With only an hour to nightfall, Giordino starts the small motor and runs with the storm. They are close to the Cuban island of Cayo Santa Maria and their only hope of surviving the seas and sharp rocks is to steer into a small inlet between the rocks. It is a chance in a thousand, but one Pitt is willing to take. Rudi is thrown from the boat, but Pitt manages to grab hold of him before the next wave breaks. Just prior to reaching short, the boat flips and all occupants are thrown every which way.

Meanwhile, Leonard Hudson is wondering what the President makes of their meeting on the golf course. In order to save Jersey Colony he had no choice but to notify the President. Now he must share the news with Eli Steinmetz, the leader of the lunar colony. Hudson cannot tell Steinmetz with absolute certainty the intent of the Russians when they land on the moon, but he wants the colony for the U.S. Steinmetz is reluctant to fire on unarmed scientists, but agrees to defend the colony against aggression. He, too, is unaware that the Russian probes they shot down were manned.

Part II, The Cyclops, Chapters 21 - 23 Analysis

So far, it is established that the stories of the shipwrecked Cyclops are true; however, it appears that someone has beaten Pitt and his companions to the scene. They find the crate, but the treasure is gone. The remains of the modern diver is their only clue, but Pitt knows they cannot afford to stay on the bottom of the ocean much longer. When they reach the surface, Hurricane Eva is in full swing and the odds do not look good for the four divers. Meanwhile, Hudson is fighting a far different battle. He is trying to impress on Steinmetz the importance of retaining their moon colony. Steinmetz is a bit of a pacifist, and he is unwilling to engage in a gun battle if the Russians are ignorant of the Jersey Colony's existence.

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