Cyclops - Part II, The Cyclops: Chapters 18 - 20 Summary & Analysis

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Part II, The Cyclops: Chapters 18 - 20 Summary

October 25, 1989

Key West, Florida

Pitt, Giordino, and Rudi Gunn are joined by their blimp pilot who is none other than Jessie LeBaron. They are given a weather advisory about a possible tropical storm. When news comes that the storm has changed directions, the Prosperteer can no longer be reached by radio. She has disappeared, exactly as she did when Raymond LeBaron was piloting her. Sandecker contacts the President who claims to have notified Admiral Montfort to request assistance. When Sandecker calls Montfort to check, Montfort tells Sandecker that he has been given presidential orders to stay clear of the area. Sandecker is furious. He feels that a vicious trick has been played on him and on Pitt.

Onboard the Prosperteer, the three men argue with Jessie on their direction. Jessie has spilled coffee on the transmitter, which explains the radio silence. They believe they have found the wreckage of the Cyclops, but efforts are hindered by the increasingly inclement weather and the company of a Cuban helicopter and gunboat. All those aboard the blimp don scuba gear and seek shelter behind a bullet-proof screen. The helicopter fires on the blimp and she heads for the water, but not before Giordino fires on the helicopter with a M-72 missile. The gunboat searches for survivors from either craft and find none. They leave, seeking shelter from the oncoming hurricane.

Below the surface, the four crew members of the Prosperteer assess their physical damage. Rudi has a broken ankle and Giordino has a broken rib or two. They really fared well. Now it is time to see what the Cyclops looks like up close.

Part II, The Cyclops: Chapters 18 - 20 Analysis

It is not clear yet who is deluding whom, but the President has most certainly lied to Admiral Sandecker. There is something more covert going on than simply retracing Raymond LeBaron's last known path. Even Pitt seems somewhat suspicious, but evidently his desire to locate and investigate the Cyclops outweighs his concerns. The journey begins benignly, but once they reach unfriendly Cuban waters, they are besieged both by the weather and the Cuban military. This is a terrific storytelling technique. It creates a sense of impending peril and while Jessie is not the most sympathetic character, one would agree that Dirk Pitt does not deserve to be treated badly. Finding the Cyclops is good reward for Pitt being duped.

This section contains 413 words
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