Cyclops - Part I, The Prosperteer: Chapters 14 - 17 Summary & Analysis

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Part I, The Prosperteer: Chapters 14 - 17 Summary

The FBI's Emmett is upset at not being given full disclosure about the situation with Jersey Colony, but he does give the report on the dead bodies to the President. The beets found by the coroner in Dade County are actually from borscht paste. Through a defector from the Soviet space program, they have established identities of the three bodies found on the blimp as Russian Cosmonauts. What they cannot reconcile is why the cosmonauts died in space and how they came to be aboard Raymond LeBaron's blimp dressed like the missing Americans. The President refuses to give Emmett any more information, despite the evidence that Raymond LeBaron might have been abducted by the Cubans. The link between the Selenos lunar probe disasters and Jersey Colony troubles the President. He has Ira Hagen begin his investigation into the Inner Core, starting the Pattendon Laboratory by pretending to be a government auditor. The stage is set for him to begin his intelligence work. He solicits phone records and through Mooney's most often called numbers he is able to reach another of the Inner Core.

The Russians have a council of war with the Soviet President, the Chief of the Soviet Space Program, and the head of State Security and with General Yasenin. They all view the images of the human figures on the moon and believe that no one can be responsible but the Americans, but their silence on such a feat is a puzzle to the Soviets. A piece of the puzzle is presented when one of their probes, Selenos 4, made its re-entry a year and a half after losing power and dropped into the Caribbean. This occurs at the same time as Raymond LeBaron's disappearance in his blimp. The Russians believe that the U.S. is still unaware of the probe's re-entry and landing in the Caribbean because there has been no evidence of an underwater search. They all agree, that their Selenos 8, scheduled to launch in seven days, should be armed to take over the American moon colony. Their reasoning is that the Americans struck first by shooting down their lunar probes.

Part I, The Prosperteer: Chapters 14 - 17 Analysis

The U.S. President is in a difficult position. He has information that America has accomplished a feat believed to be impossible; developing a self-sustaining colony on the moon. However, he has no positive proof. How can he ask for help or even alert his security council when such information could merely be the ravings of a lunatic? This being the case, he must rely on his brother-in-law to get information for him without alerting the entire undercover community. This binding limitation plays directly into the hands of the Russians who plan to arm their cosmonauts to take over Jersey Colony. After all, how can the President claim seizure of a colony not known to exist?

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