Cyclops - Part I, The Prosperteer: Chapters 10 - 13 Summary & Analysis

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Part I, The Prosperteer: Chapters 10 - 13 Summary

O'Meara tells Pitt the story of La Dorada as he knows it. South America abounds with stories of El Dorado and the kings who ruled a wealthy kingdom near the jungles of the Andes. The kings would paint their bodies in gum and cover the sticky skin with gold dust, becoming gold men. They would then throw countless treasures into a lake as an offering to the god. The greatest treasure is the La Dorada, a golden woman whose heart is an enormous ruby and whose head is a magnificent emerald. Only two men are known to have seen her. The first is a monk who escaped the cannibals. The other man, Sigler, is believed to have found and stolen La Dorada and then lost her off a raft in the river, having fought the Zanona Indians. Alfred Gottschalk, hearing of Sigler's story, finds the La Dorada and secretes her and the very ill Sigler aboard the Cyclops. Sigler was kept alive just in case he could reveal the lost city of treasure. Pitt cannot get the stories of the Cyclops and Crogan Castle out of his mind. He tries to discover what Raymond LeBaron knew. The wreckage is only twenty miles off the coast of Cuba, making it an undesirable attempt. Sandecker facilitates a meeting between Jessie LeBaron and Pitt to convince Pitt to help Jessie look for her husband. Pitt is intrigued despite his feelings about Mrs. LeBaron.

The President meets with undercover agent Ira Hagen who is also his brother-in-law, having married his sister, Martha. The President gives Ira all the information he has on the Jersey Colony and asks his opinion. Hagen initially is surprised that Vince has not shared the information with his Security Council. Vince's reason, the Inner Core has penetrated the highest levels of NASA, the Pentagon, and likely his own personal White House staff. Vince wants Hagen to discover the identities of the Inner Core, nine men, in eight days. This is a monumental task. Hagen identifies the golf course intruder as Leonard Hudson, the catcher on their high school baseball team. Hudson always won science fair awards. The problem is that Hudson is to have died in 1965 in a plane crash.

The Russians get data from the downed lunar probe, Selenos 4, and Rykov discovers that humans are on the moon. He notifies General Maxim Yasenin. They see a weapon in the hands of the unknown astronauts and Yasenin knows that they have used it against the Russian probe. At this point it is revealed that Selenos 4 was a manned probe. Star Wars has begun and the U.S. has landed the first strike.

Part I, The Prosperteer: Chapters 10 - 13 Analysis

The plot becomes even more confusing. It seems that LeBaron is after the Cyclops because of the legend of La Dorada being aboard when she sank. However, this raises the question of the identity of the dead men aboard the blimp. Their nationality is virtually given away when it is revealed that their stomach contents contained beets. Then there is the fact the Selenos 4 was manned points to the bodies being the Russian Cosmonauts. A potential war over the Jersey Colony is imminent, for the Russians now know Selenos was shot down. Complicating matters even further, the U.S. President knows of Jersey Colony, but has none of the specifics. He asks his brother-in-law, Ira Hagen, to get that information for him. Now NUMA's James Sandecker finds it imperative to find Raymond LeBaron and puts Jessie LeBaron and Pitt together to follow his last known route.

This section contains 610 words
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