Cyclops - Part I, The Prosperteer: Chapters 7 - 9 Summary & Analysis

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Part I, The Prosperteer: Chapters 7 - 9 Summary

Sweat asks Rooney's professional opinion of the three blimp corpses. Sweat is being pressured by unnamed federal agencies to give up the bodies; and he finds this to be very mysterious. Rooney believes the corpses froze to death. Sweat cannot buy this as the three men disappeared when the temperatures were in the 90s. Rooney then informs Sweat that the three corpses are not any of the three men who disappeared. He believes them to be foreign nationals. Their last meal consisted of dark bread, fruit and beets. The bodies are stolen while Sweat and Rooney are out on the boat. Rooney is not as upset as Sweat, primarily because they did not get the one piece of evidence that he withheld from his report; that the men died one or two years previously, not as recently as last week.

Pitt's home is an old aircraft hangar off of Washington Field. It looks old and abandoned, just as he likes it for it discourages trespassers. The hangar hides his vast collection of classic autos, a vintage airplane, and a railroad car from 1900. Pitt receives a call from Jessie LeBaron's secretary to meet Mrs. LeBaron at four this afternoon. Perversely, Pitt refuses and requests that Mrs. LeBaron call on him. Finally, he relents and agrees to call upon the widow, advising Ms. Cabot that he will be driving a 1951 convertible. This bit of news causes Mrs. LeBaron's secretary to instruct Pitt to park by the servants' house. Disliking the snootiness of the request, Pitt arrives in his beautiful vintage Daimler very late for his appointment. He is able to get past the guard by claiming to be late for an already established appointment. He chooses to arrive during Mrs. LeBaron's cocktail party. Immediately, Jessie LeBaron dismisses Pitt, informing him that he has not been invited. Pitt is dressed in a tuxedo and looks perfectly respectable. Pitt gives his arm to her bouncer and leaves without incident, but he does advise Mrs. LeBaron to never ask for his help again. After he is evicted, Mrs. LeBaron is informed of his NUMA connections and his father's standing on the Senate Oil committee.

Pitt immediately solicits help from Hiram Yaeger to dig up any and all information on Raymond LeBaron, using Hiram's pride and joy; a state of the art computer at NUMA. Pitt requests all information on the Cyclops, which Jessie had mentioned prior to bouncing Pitt from her party. Pitt reviews all material on the Navy Collier and her crew. The Crogan Castle is the ship that sent the distress call and her position was recorded. Crogan Castle made it to Havana, but the Cyclops perished.

Part I, The Prosperteer: Chapters 7 - 9 Analysis

The disappearance of Raymond LeBaron becomes even more mystifying with the removal of the bodies by a federal agency. Raymond LeBaron is not one of the victims, instead they are foreign nationals and died one to two years previously. Pitt's disregard for wealth and its adornments is very evident with his interaction with Jessie LeBaron's secretary and with Mrs. LeBaron herself. After his eviction from her party, Mrs. LeBaron discovers just how influential Pitt can be, especially to her at this point in time. It is very likely that the woman will regret her words and actions. Both Mrs. LeBaron and her secretary rub him the wrong way. Pitt purposefully antagonizes her by going to the party rather than keeping his appointment. Though he tells Jessie LeBaron not to ask for his help, he is intrigued about the Cyclops, her sinking and her possible cargo.

This section contains 611 words
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