Cyclops - Part I, The Prosperteer: Chapters 4 - 6 Summary & Analysis

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Part I, The Prosperteer: Chapters 4 - 6 Summary

Pitt is participating in a thirty mild board-sailing marathon around Biscayne Bay to Key Biscayne's Cape Florida lighthouse. Prosperteer interrupts the race by appearing out of nowhere and heading for people. Pitt chooses to chase the blimp rather than finishing the race, knowing the degree of devastation if the blimp hits the hotel. He gets help from people on the beach and they all manage to stop it just in time. Looking inside, he finds the crew of three dead at the controls. He does notice that there is very high tech equipment aboard, everything needed for an underwater search expedition. Looking at the corpses, he realizes that death has been present for some time for the three aboard the blimp.

Dade County coroner, Dr. Calvin Rooney assists with the presumed identification of Raymond LeBaron, based mainly on his personal effects. His corpse is badly decomposed. His wife, Jessie LeBaron shocks everyone involved by first insisting on seeing her husband's remains rather than accepting his identity based on his personal effects. Then, when she looks upon the corpse, she states firmly and without argument that the dead man is not her husband. Just for starters, her husband's fillings are gold and the fillings on the corpse are silver.

Dirk Pitt talks with detective, Lieutenant Victor, in a formal interview regarding his role in stopping the blimp. He is interrogated about what he touched inside the gondola, and whether anyone else could have entered the gondola. He is asked whether he recognizes any of the crew, which he does not. Then he is asked how he knows how to turn off a blimp, and Pitt acknowledges that he has extensive aircraft experience. He does give Victor one hint as he leaves, that the blimp had to have been refilled with helium within the past forty-eight hours as blimps such as the Prosperteer do not hold a constant volume of gas.

Part I, The Prosperteer: Chapters 4 - 6 Analysis

This section is an excellent study in character profile. Jessie LeBaron is an interesting woman, and her determination to observe what everyone believes to be her husband's corpse show her to be very strong-minded, resolute, and controlled. Dirk Pitt's character begins to develop first with his willingness to do something about the out-of-control blimp. During his scene with Lieutenant Victor show him to be very observant and not easily toyed with when he notes that the policeman needs to punch down a button in order to get an open line in order to use the phone. The mystery deepens because the men are not who they are initially presumed to be. The corpses rate of decomposition is exceedingly fast. Lastly, the blimp had to have been refilled within the last two days, not the ten days ago when the men were last heard from.

This section contains 485 words
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