Cyclops - Part I, The Prosperteer: Chapters 1 - 3 Summary & Analysis

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Part I, The Prosperteer: Chapters 1 - 3 Summary

October 10, 1989

Key West, Florida

Raymond LeBaron is an extremely wealthy publishing magnate who develops an interest in the ZMC-2 Zeppelin he refurbishes and restores to flying condition. He then learns to pilot the unusual aircraft. After a year, his interest in the blimp wanes, then waxes when he is introduced to the prospect of treasure hunting with the blimp. The slow pace of the aircraft makes it ideal to search for sunken ships. On October 10 he, copilot Joe Cavilla, and treasure hunter Buck Caesar take off on a treasure hunting venture. About six hours into the venture, radio contact ends abruptly.

The president of the U.S. is approached during his weekly golf game by an impersonator of his caddy. He is threatened with a bomb. This is designed to force the President to listen without warning his Secret Service guards. The intruder passes a folder to the President and gives him eight minutes to read it in the restroom of the next tee. The folder has information about Jersey Colony; a permanent self-sustaining moon base established during the Kennedy Administration, a twenty-six year-old secret. Ten men have been living on the moon for over six years. The rest of the project has been accomplished in the utmost secrecy and only the "inner core," an elite group of men who are totally informed. Raymond LeBaron is a member of the inner core and his blimp has been spotted near the coast of Cuba two days after the blimp's supposed disappearance. Time is vital, for Russia intends to send a manned lunar lander to the moon. The secrecy and integrity of the Jersey Colony will be compromised. One of Russia's unmanned probes crash-landed into the Caribbean and the intruder tells the president that LeBaron's mission was not treasure hunting, but to recover the Russian craft. If Russia learns of Jersey Colony, they will likely battle on the moon for possession of the colony and dominance of the moon. The intruder tells the President they only need two weeks to secure the men and the vital information.

Part I, The Prosperteer: Chapters 1 - 3 Analysis

The prize is at stake between two world superpowers. The moon is the prize. Amid decades of secrecy, the U.S. has managed to establish a self-sustaining colony on the moon. The Russians have been sending unmanned lunar probes to the moon and one has crashed into the Caribbean. It is believed that LeBaron's treasure hunt is a disguised effort to recover the probe. LeBaron has disappeared, but his blimp has been spotted. This leads to a number of questions and concerns. The "inner core" is afraid that all their years of research and uncontested mastery of lunar living will be compromised if Russia first evaluates their newest photos and discovers the colony. The more vital concern is that if Russia reaches the moon while their men are there, Russia will come intending to attack and take the moon colony and confiscate all their research at risk. The golf course intruder is obviously one of the "inner core" and he tells the President that they are acquainted, giving the President a hint to his identity, but nothing more. The intruder merely asks the President to keep Jersey Colony a secret for two more weeks while they get their men back from the moon.

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