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Holly Goldberg Sloan
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Willow’s Garden

Willow’s parents got her involved in this garden because an educational counselor told them that Willow needed something to keep her engaged. This garden became Willow’s passion. She spent her spare time working in the garden. It was her companion, as not many kids her age wanted to hang around with her.


Red is the color of Willow’s gardening hat. She says it is a very important color in nature. Red is also a favorite color of Pattie’s. She believes the color is lucky.

The Number 7

The number 7 is Willow’s favorite number. Her parents adopted her on the 7th day of the 7th month. She entertains herself by counting by 7’s. At the end of the novel, however, Willow realizes it is not as important to count by 7’s as it is to count to 7, especially when counting her blessings.

A Copy of Teen Vogue

After Willow told her parents she planned on wearing her gardening outfit her first day of school, a copy of a Teen Vogue magazine with an article about what your clothing says about you appeared on her bed. Willow suspected one of her parents put it there but neither would admit it.

A Standardized Test

Willow’s teacher in her English class gave the students this standardized test. Willow completed the test in 17 minutes and 47 seconds. She made a perfect score. Her teacher and principal assumed that she had cheated.

Dell Duke Counseling System

The Dell Duke Counseling System was the system by which Dell categorized the students that were sent to him for counseling. His original system included the categories of misfits, oddballs, lone wolves, and weirdoes. After he met Willow he added a category for genius. After he met Pattie, he added the category of dictator. For himself, as he began to notice he was changing for the better, he added the classification of mutant.

Word Association

Dell played a word association game with Willow during his first visit with her when nothing else worked to give him a clue as to how to categorize her.

The Book Understanding Vietnamese Customs and Traditions

It is when Mai sees this book on Willow’s desk and realizes the girl has been actively studying about Mai’s own culture that she realizes she wants Willow to come home with her.

Peacock-blue Nail Polish

Pattie holds this bottle of nail polish in her hand when Dell’s car, followed by a police car, first pulls into the parking lot of her salon. Before she even knows what is happening, she decides the color is bad luck and that she will no longer keep it in stock.

Bakersfield News Gazette

A copy of this newspaper, carrying coverage of her parents’ wreck, is on a coffee table at Jamison Children’s Center when Willow goes there for paperwork. She passes out when she sees a picture of the crash.

Elephant-Shaped Metal Coffee Table

When Willow passes out after she sees the picture of her parents’ wreck on the front page of the paper, she hits her head on this table. The cut requires stitches.

An Acorn

Mai steps on this acorn that she throws into the street as she walks home one day. She notices the acorn isn’t flattened, even when it is struck by a car. Mai decides it is lucky and takes it to Willow as a good luck charm. After Willow learns that she will be staying at the Gardens of Glenwood with Pattie and her family, she plants the acorn in the garden area.

Two Dozen Packets of Sunflower Seeds

When Willow asks Dell for a package of sunflower seeds she can plant, he surprises her by bringing back two dozen packets. She realizes at this point that despite his blundering nature, Dell is a really caring person.

This section contains 647 words
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