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Holly Goldberg Sloan
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Fosters Freeze

Fosters Freeze is the restaurant to which Dell is persuaded to take Willow, Mai and Quang ha for ice cream. This is the setting for the opening of the novel.

Rose Elementary

Rose Elementary is the school that Willow first attends. It is at this school that the kids label her as a weirdo after she comments that the book the teacher read them made her feel bad.

Sequoia Middle School

Sequoia Middle School is the school that Willow had just begun attending when her parents were killed in a car crash. Both Willow and her parents had hoped this new school would be a chance for Willow to make a new start. Instead, she was sent to an educational counselor because the teacher believed she cheated in order to made a perfect score on a standardized test.

Dell Duke’s Office

Dell Duke’s office is the place where Willow meets Mai for the first time.

Intersection at Eye Street

The intersection at Eye Street is the place where Willow’s parents are killed in a car crash. Late the day of the wreck, Dell drives Willow through this intersection without realizing it was where her parents were killed.

Happy Polish Nails

Happy Polish Nails is the salon that Mai’s mother owns. Willow spends a good deal of her time her after her parents are killed here because she refuses to go to school.

The Garage

Pattie and her two children live in this garage behind her nail salon. Willow spends about a month with them there before Pattie moves them into Dell’s apartment.

House on Citrus Road

The house on Citrus Road is where Willow lived with her parents until their car crash. It was in the driveway of this house that Willow learned her parents were dead.

Beale Memorial Library

Several times during the course of the book, Willow goes to this library for comfort. The first time she goes there is after she’s run away from the hospital where she was taken to have the gash on her head stitched up.

Gardens of Glenwood

The Gardens of Glenwood is the apartment building where Dell lives. When Pattie and the children need a place for a social worker to come for home visits, she moves her family into his apartment and has him share an apartment with a neighbor down the hall.

This section contains 401 words
(approx. 2 pages at 400 words per page)
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