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"Whether that metaphor is accepted or not, the undeniable truth is that each society creates culture and is created by it," p. 131.

"When we have unified enough knowledge, we will understand who we are and why we are here," p. 7.

"And so the great astrophysiscist Subrahmanyan Chandkraskhar could pay tribute to the spirit of his mentor, Sir Arthur Eddington, by saying: 'Let us see how high we can fly before the sun melts the wax in our wings,'" p. 7.

"The more forbidding the task, the greater the prize for those who dare to undertake it," p. 209.

"Both the known and the unknown, the two worlds of our ancestors, nourish the human spirit," p. 233.

"No barrier stands between the material world of science and the sensibilities of the hunter and the poet," p. 237.

"Now, with science and the arts combined, we have it all," p. 237.

"We are better off if the economists speak than if they remain silent," p. 197.

"The world economy is a ship speeding through uncharted waters with dangerous shoals," p. 198.

"God may exist, He may be delighted with what we are up to on this minor planet, but His fine hand is not needed to explain the biosphere," p. 198.

"'Oh how we hate one another,' observed Cardinal Newman, 'for the love of God,'" p. 239.

"The choice between transcendentalism and empiricism will be the coming century's version of the struggle for men's souls," p. 240.

This section contains 240 words
(approx. 1 page at 400 words per page)
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