Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge Setting & Symbolism

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Wilson studied at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.


Thales of Miletus, considered to be the founder of the physical sciences, lived in Ionia in the sixth century B.C.

Derrida Paradox

The Derrida paradox is similar to the Cretan paradox: a Cretan says "all Cretans are liars".

Western Europe

Science has various questions and procedures that are not easy to master and hence it takes a long time to start it mostly in Western Europe.

Vienna Circle

Vienna Circle was a group formed by Moritz Schlick and made of Austrian intellectuals to foster a logical positivism that was to define the essence of scientific statements. Later, they emigrated to the US to escape from the Nazi regime.

Cretan Labyrinth

The Cretan labyrinth has corridors with twists and turns through which Theseus walked. During his walk he unraveled a ball of thread that he received from Ariadne to find the Minotaur that devoured seven people each year as part of a sacrifice. Theseus returned from the labyrinth following the thread that symbolizes consilience; the labyrinth is the unknown world that humanity traverses through, struggling to understand it.

Western Amazonia

The rain forests of Western Amazonia have a large volume and diversity of snakes.

Amazonian Peru

Amazonian Peru is a place where Pablo Meringo, a shaman and artists depicts his visions in paintings based upon traditions of Amerindians.

Church of the New Jerusalem

Church of the New Jerusalem was founded by Emanuel Swedenborg who believed that dreams have secrets of the divine.

Gatun Lake

The creation of Gatun Lake during the construction of Panama Canal in 1912 created an isolated land covered with forest named Barro Colorado Island that became a biological research station prey to cats. Due to the lack of natural predators, the system became out of balance, where some animals multiplied beyond control leading to the sudden rise in some species, such as bacteria and fungi, to the detriment of others, affecting the entire ecosystem.

This section contains 330 words
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