Confessions of an Economic Hit Man Topics for Discussion

John Perkins
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How can a person living in the U.S. refuse modern day slavery?

Can consumers be labeled as slave traders?

Is there a way to escape the inevitable defeat of a corporate empire? Can there ever be an end to the empire?

Throughout history, oppressed people have risen up against establishments to fight for their rights, usually when they had become so desperate that there was nothing else left to do. Can there ever be a successful uprising that will stop the corporate empire in its tracks?

Many people argue that the U.S. should ease its imperialistic goals justified through Manifest Destiny and turn around and help other nations. Can this be done, or is it too late in the game? Would the U.S. be accepted or denied based on its history with exploiting developing countries?

John's coincidental moments shaped his life forever. What events in our lives were facilitated and shaped by the corporatocracy?

Is the corporatocracy really as bad as John portrays? Without imperialism, there would never be great empires. Someone has to be at the top, so why is it bad to want and assume that position?

War has been present since the beginning of civilization. While there has been a drop in the number of wars, they haven't stopped altogether. Is the corporatocracy responsible for the decline of wars, or is it the the reason why they continue? Consider the economic soldier and its role in corporate empire.

A soldier is merely an actor that does what its leader and government tell him or her to do. John was an economic soldier, simply following orders. What made him such a successful soldier, and what eventually made him snap? How does he compare to typical military soldiers?

This section contains 298 words
(approx. 1 page at 400 words per page)
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