Confessions of an Economic Hit Man Quotes

John Perkins
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"This was Jakarta, where the enticing scent of cloves and orchid blossoms battled the miasma of open sewers for dominance." Chapter 4, Pg. 29

"Indeed, promoting capitalism often results in a system that resembles medieval feudal societies." Chapter 4, Pg. 32

"The loans of foreign aid will ensure that today's children and their grandchildren will be held hostage." Chapter 8, pg. 56

"If I don't pay [my soldiers] the CIA will." Chapter 17, pg. 121

"The desert is a symbol, Turning it green is about much more than agriculture." Chapter 13, pg. 129

"It was disturbing to understand that the unspoken details behind the written words of my resume and of that article defined a world of smoke and mirrors intended to keep us all shacked to a system that is orally repugnant and ultimately self destructive." Chapter 23, pg. 164

"The jackals were back...and they wanted everyone else who might consider joining an anti-corporatocracy crusade to know it." Chapter 27 pg. 185

"The alternative to stopping to ask ourselves the important questions is simply too dangerous." Chapter 34, pg. 248

"Omar Torrijos...saw himself dropping from from the sky in a gigantic fireball. It was prophetic." Chapter 26 pg. 184

"I knew that Bush, just like the Enron executives, was part of the network I and my EHM colleagues had created; they were the feudal lords and plantation masters." Chapter 29, pg 195

"The old fashioned slave trader told himself that he was dealing with a species that was not entirely human...The modern slave trader assures herself that the desperate people are better off earning one dollar a day than no dollars at all." Chapter 30, pg. 213

"He is no longer one of us, My son." Chapter 34, pg. 245

"I made my decision to stop procrastinating, to finish finally what I had started so many times over all those years, to come clean, to confess—to write the words in this book." Chapter 35, p. 259

This section contains 308 words
(approx. 1 page at 400 words per page)
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