Confessions of an Economic Hit Man - Chapter 32 and Chapter 33 Summary & Analysis

John Perkins
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Chapter 32 and Chapter 33 Summary and Analysis

On September 10th, John was in the Ecuadorian Amazon with Shakaim Chumpi, an indigenous Ecuadorian and coauthor of a book called Spirit of the Shuar. Shakaim was a soldier in the Ecuador-Peru conflict over the border. The Shuars really didn't care about the politics; they just fought because they were warriors and had to protect their land from foreign soldiers. Shakaim told John that they soon would be going to war with the oil companies. John heard about the terriorist attack on the twin towers on the radio and flew home to Florida. He visited Ground Zero was in shock. John went to Wall Street and watched the silent people. An Afghani man sat next to him and they talked about how it was an attack in response to the economic wars more than anything. John felt depressed after revealing that he was an economic consultant and the man told him that it was the same as a soldier. John went back to Ground Zero and all he could see was Osama Bin Laden accepting a check from an EHM. He thought about all the other countries around the world that hated the global empire and the U.S. He heard a news boy shouting out "Venezuela on the brink of revolution!" in Spanish. He bought the paper and wondered "What about Venezuela?"

John had watched Venezuela for years. The country's economy rose overnight when it found out it had oil, and it became an EHM hot spot. During the 1973 oil embargo, petroleum prices went up, and Venezuela's national budget quadrupled sending the EHM's in to sell loans to pay for infrastructure and industrial projects. But then oil prices crashed, and Venezuela couldn't pay all the debt that it had incurred. When they were forced to pay, the Venezuelans were violent. Poverty increased and the middle class turned against the poor. The demographics of the country changed, which is how Chavez got his job as president. He immediately challenged the Bush administration, but Chavez was ignored because the U.S. already had Afghanistan and the Iraqi fronts open and couldn't afford another war so soon. But they couldn't keep ignoring Chavez for long. John met another EHM, who told him about an operation to bribe military officers and create worker strikes in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. The strikes occurred, but Chavez was able to escape his military officers; when the dust settled, he came back in full force against the corporatocracy and Bush. Both the EHM's and the jackals failed this time around in Venezuela.

This section contains 438 words
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