Confessions of an Economic Hit Man - Chapter 31 Summary & Analysis

John Perkins
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Chapter 31 Summary and Analysis

Iraq was a major interest in the 1980s and 1990s, though it wasn't on the publics radar screen. The corporatocracy wanted to deal with Iraq the same way they had dealt with Saudi Arabia. Iraq had geographic appeal as both the Tigris and Euphrates rivers run through it, so Iraq had most of the water supply in the Middle East. Water was important both politically and economically. Iraq is very strategic militarily and also within missile distance of Israel and the Soviet Union. "Whoever controls Iraq holds the key to controlling the Middle East." Saddam Hussein wasn't cooperating with the Western world. When he invaded Kuwait, the U.S. found its opportunity to attack. It was an expansion of the global empire lead by the U.S. Firms that had been primarily U.S. firms were international corporations with stock holders from around the globe, and corporatocracy, not democracy, socialist, or capitalism, was the ideology to be spread.

In November 1990, John sold IPS after succumbing to the corporatocracy himself. He was still employed with SWEC, but they rarely called on him. In 1991, he started a small, nonprofit organization called Dream Change Coalition that led people into the Amazon to spend time with the Shuars, who were eager to show off their language, healing techniques and the way they cared for the environment. John started writing books about indigenous teachings and tried to avoid talking about his EHM work. One of his books, The World is As You Dream It, was very popular. He quit his job with SWEC and tried writing his EHM book again, but friends urged him to stop, fearing for his life. Then September 11, 2001 happened.

This section contains 286 words
(approx. 1 page at 400 words per page)
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