Confessions of an Economic Hit Man - Chapter 29 and Chapter 30 Summary & Analysis

John Perkins
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Chapter 29 and Chapter 30 Summary and Analysis

The world had just entered into a new era of economics that was set in motion by Robernt Mcnamara. The EHM concept was expanding and the new breed rose up to believe that "any means justified an end" and thus the "global empire was simply a pathway to increased profits." When PURPA (Public Utlitiy Regulatory Policy Act) was passed in 1978, deregulation took off. The emphasis of PURPA was really for small businesses and entrepreneurs and to find ways to get off oil dependence. However, power giants swept in, bought out smaller companies and created holding companies to maximize their profits. Everything was taking a back seat to greed, and private businesses were making the most money. They were ruthless and ensnared communities and whole countries by promising affluence, building schools and donating phones and medical services. Then in one fell swoop, they would find a better country, one that was more desperate, and abandon the people in the previous with no hope for their return. John decided it was time to write a book about what he had done. He was offered a very lucrative job, but only if he did not write a book. John sold out.

While living in Florida, John keep up to date with Central America. Noriega began not whistling to the United State's tune. The U.S. invaded Panama, though it wasn't a threat to the U.S.. Governments and politicians around the world denounced the U.S. as in violation of international law. The Arias family, which had been exiled in Columbia, was reinstated into Panama and once again the Canal was controlled by Washington. The U.S. was fighting with real soldiers, but secretly it was fighting with economic soldiers. The economic soldier never stops to think that by hurting the children of other people, he or she is jeopardizing the safety of his or her own.

This section contains 326 words
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