Confessions of an Economic Hit Man - Chapter 27 and Chapter 28 Summary & Analysis

John Perkins
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Chapter 27 and Chapter 28 Summary and Analysis

John knew that the CIA had to have been involved in Roldos' death. Two months later Omar Torrijos died in a plane crash. It was devastating because he was such a respected and honorable man that cared about his people, human rights and social justice. He was a liability to President Reagan and he had to be taken out for the sake of the corporatocracy. Torrijos was replaced by Manuel Noriega, who lacked wit, charm and intelligence and had no problem with corporatocracy leaders. If Torrijos would have lived, he would have served as a role model for other developing nations, which was something the CIA, NSA and EHM's would not countenance.

John was struggling with his job as an expert witness, especially on the Seabrook case, where he had to convince the New Hampshire Public Service Commission that nuclear power was not as bad as everyone portrayed it, even though he didn't agree. He was getting paid to lie under oath, and one day he told his bosses he couldn't do it anymore and quit. He started his own company that specializes in alternative energy technologies. The energy industry was changing drastically and deregulation was creating vast opportunities for people to take advantage of the situation. MAIN couldn't compete with the times. One company doing well was Enron. At the same time, G.W. Bush was given a position as board member for Harken Energy Corporation, which had just bought out his smaller company called Arbusto. Amoco was negotiating with Bahrain for oil drilling rights. Bush senior became president and a to everyone's surprise, Bahrain awarded Harken the rights. Many wondered whether President Bush was doing the right thing by helping his son's career in such a way. John knew that the Bush's were just part of the system.

This section contains 312 words
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