Confessions of an Economic Hit Man - Chapter 21 and Chapter 22 Summary & Analysis

John Perkins
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Chapter 21 and Chapter 22 Summary and Analysis

MAIN designed and built a massive hydroelectric project in Columbia, which was the keystone to South America. It was the perfect country for business and political gain. John met a Columbian woman named Paula, who convinced John to face the guilt of his job, the trauma of his marriage and divorce, and discover himself.

Paula tells John that his work is hurting a lot of people and that the Colombians don't want them there. She is compassionate towards the guerrillas, especially because her brother is fighting with them, a fact she didn't at first tell John because she didn't think it important, and she needed to protect her brother. John felt betrayed, but when he wanted to fall back on his crutch of personality traits that the NSA and MAIN had discovered and fed on, Paula helped him turn away from all of this. Being in Columbia showed him the difference between the old American republic that was all about hope for the world and the new global empire, which was greedy and based on deepening the pockets of a few leaders.

Men and women that worked for companies such as MAIN were oblivious to the harm they were doing. They thought that the sweatshops and factories they were creating were going to help the people make money to climb out of poverty. In fact it was cementing them into their current social status and ensuring they would be slaves their entire lives.

This section contains 255 words
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