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Clarissa Topics for Discussion

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Explain the Harlowes' eagerness for Clarissa to marry Mr. Solmes.

Explain Clarissa's motivation for secretly corresponding with Mr. Lovelace.

Discuss why Clarissa was forbidden to write anyone, including her family, during her confinement at Harlowe Place.

Describe at least three means Mr. Lovelace used to entice Clarissa to run away.

Explain Mr. Lovelace's reasons for taking Clarissa to Widow Sinclair's house.

Argue for and against the rationality of Mr. Lovelace's theory of proving Clarissa's virtue.

Invent a new way for Clarissa to escape from Widow Sinclair's house.

Compare and contrast Clarissa and Miss Howe.

Compare and contrast Mr. Lovelace and John Belford.

Clarissa dies of a "broken heart". Conjecture the physiological causes of her death.

Clarissa is accused of being too "nice." Defend or oppose this opinion, citing reasons and examples of her behavior that support your argument.

Place Clarissa in modern-day America. What do you think her reactions would be to the culture?

Mrs. Harlowe doesn't forgive Clarissa in order to keep peace with the rest of the family. How do you feel about her maternal instincts toward Clarissa?

Write a different ending, beginning at Clarissa's communicating the location of her will to John Belford.

Do you think Mr. Lovelace allowed Colonel Morden to kill him during their duel? Defend your position.

James and Arabella both are unhappy in their marriages according to the epilogue. Do you think they got what they deserved? Why or why not?

Why did Clarissa leaves James and Arabella nothing in her will? Explain from her point of view and from your own.

Compare and contrast Mr. Lovelace's pride and Clarissa's pride.

Clarissa commanded Miss Howe not to put on mourning in her will, but Miss Howe disobeyed and wore mourning for six months. Do you think this was disrespectful? Why or why not?

Was the way that Miss Howe treated Mr. Hickman throughout the letters cruel? Defend your opinion.

Mr. Lovelace and Miss Howe attempted to claim rights to Clarissa's corpse. Pick one character and defend their right.

The Harlowe family and Mr. Lovelace are being tried as murderers in Clarissa's death. Pick a party and defend them. Prosecute the other.

This section contains 364 words
(approx. 1 page at 400 words per page)
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