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Clarissa Setting & Symbolism

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Harlowe Place

Harlowe Place is the residence of the Harlowe family.

Widow Sinclair's House

Widow Sinclair's is the brothel in London to which Mr. Lovelace conveyed Clarissa under pretense of it being a respectable house.

The Howes' House

Howe house is the residence of Miss Howe and Mrs. Howe, where Clarissa visits for three weeks in the beginning of the book.

Clarissa's Chambers

Clarissa's chambers is Clarissa's room and closet in Harlowe Place, where she was confined for refusing to marry Mr. Solmes.

Hampstead and Jail

Hampstead is the village Clarissa hid in the first time she escaped Mr. Lovelace.

Jail is where Polly and Sally had Clarissa placed under the pretense of an unpaid bill at Widow Sinclair's house. They thought this means of confining her would please Mr. Lovelace.

Belton's House

Belton's house is a house in the country that John Belton visited during his friend's illness and death.

The Smiths' House

The Smiths' house is the lodgings that Clarissa took when she escaped from Mr. Lovelace the second time and where she died.

M Hall

M Hall is Lord M's house, which is supposed to be part of Mr. Lovelace's inheritance, and he spends some time here during Clarissa's illness.

The Grove

The Grove is Clarissa's grandfather's estate, which comprises the main part of Clarissa's inheritance from Grandfather Harlowe and the cause of much contention between Clarissa and her siblings. Its proximity to Mr. Solmes' residence is a large reason for his suit to Clarissa.

Ivy Summer-House

Ivy summer-house sits on Harlowe Place in the gardens and is the meeting place for Clarissa and Mr. Lovelace when she elopes from Harlowe Place

Uncle Antony 's House

Uncle Antony 's house is where Clarissa is threatened to be sent to when she refuses to marry Mr. Solmes because it has a moat and is not easily accessible.

Harlowe Family Vault

The Harlowe family vault is the final resting place of the Harlowes' ancestors, and where Clarissa requests that her coffin be placed, at her grandfather's feet.

Clarissa's Coffin

Clarissa's coffin is very elaborate and ornate. She orders it before her death and places it in her bedchambers, using it for a desk when she is too weak to walk to her closet to write. She considers it her palace.

Clarissa's Book of Meditations

Clarissa's book of Meditations is her reflections on her misfortunes and life in general, showing a very pious mindset.

Clarissa's Clothes

Clarissa's clothes are sent to her from Harlowe Place after her elopement because her family cannot bear to look at them. She is forced to sell some of them after she escapes from Mr. Lovelace.

Clarissa's Books

Clarissa's books are denied her after her elopement because, as she is told, she did not apply their lessons properly. Her library is bequeathed to Dolly, angering Arabella.


Opium is used to intoxicate Clarissa so that Mr. Lovelace can take advantage of her.

Clarissa's Needlework

Clarissa's needlework is praised before her elopement but taken down after she runs away because no one can bear to be reminded of her. It is prized after her death.

Portrait of Clarissa

The Portrait of Clarissa is a full-length portrait of Clarissa at fourteen years old, around the time that she and Miss Howe became good friends. Clarissa bequeaths this to Miss Howe.

Clarissa's Will

Clarissa's will is very detailed and leaves everything in her earthly possession to the people in her life, stating the reasons. John Belford is named as her executor. John Belford and Colonel Morden both intend to provide as much detail in their wills as Clarissa did.

Clarissa's Posthumous Letters

Clarissa's posthumous letters are left for everyone important in her life. None of them are chastising or bitter. She attempts to comfort the people she has left and makes her family more mournful because of her goodness to them when they were so undeserving.

Mr. Lovelace's Final Duel

Mr. Lovelace's final duel occurs in Germany shortly after Clarissa's death against Colonel Morden. Mr. Lovelace is killed.

Fund for the Poor

Fund for the Poor is a fund that Clarissa sets up in her will to continue to provide financial relief for her poor through Mrs. Norton. Miss Howe takes over the management of the Fund after Mrs. Norton's death. John Belton, Miss Howe, Mr. Hickman and Mrs. Howe all contribute to sustain and increase the fund.

Green Lane

Green Lane is the means through which Clarissa corresponds with Miss Howe during her confinement in Harlowe Place.

Fire at Widow Sinclair's

The fire at Widow Sinclair's is an accident that occurs due to the housekeeper falling asleep and her curtains catching fire. Mr. Lovelace takes advantage of this opportunity to be more forward to Clarissa than he has been before, incurring her displeasure and causing her to run away from him.

Clarissa's Parlor

Clarissa's parlor is the smaller parlor at Harlowe Place that Clarissa is permitted to use to entertain her visitors. It is also eventually where her coffin is brought.


The ball that Mr. Lovelace meets Miss Howe at gives him an opportunity to importune her to mediate with Clarissa for his forgiveness.

Locks of Hair

Clarissa's locks of hair are portioned out in Clarissa's will to specific people to be placed in remembrance rings and finances are also bequeathed for the function.

Clarissa's Grandmother's Jewelry

Clarissa's grandmother's jewelry was bequeathed to her when she was younger, and she requests that it be appraised by her family and the funds be added to the Poor's Fund.

Clarissa's Personal Jewelry

Clarissa's personal jewelry is jewelry that Clarissa has bought in her lifetime and her will dictates that it be sold and the funds added to the Poor's Fund. Miss Howe requests to buy it if John Belford is given the duty of selling it, but Colonel Morden purchases it for Dolly, which pleases Miss Howe just as much.

Clarissa's Corpse's Journey

Clarissa's corpse's journey to Harlowe Place proceeded through the village and was followed by many villagers to Harlowe Place, where arguments ensued over the honor of carrying her into her home for the last time.

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