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Chapter 13-16 Summary

Richard is indecisive about his profession. He casually agrees upon Mr. Jarndyce's suggestion to become a surgeon. He starts studying his profession from Mr. Bayham Badger, a surgeon and Mr. Kenge's cousin. Esther realizes that Mr. Guppy follows her everywhere while she tries to avoid him. She meets at dinner a man of dark complexion, Mr. Allan Woodcourt.

In Chapter 14, Richard begins his medical profession, but hopes to gain wealth through the Jarndyce and Jarndyce's suit. He perceives his future with optimism, intending to marry Ada. Caddy Jellyby confesses to Esther that she got secretly engaged to Mr. Prince Turveydrop, a dance teacher, and wants to marry him. His father worships deportment, making his son to do most of the work

In Chapter 15 Esther finds that Mr. Coavinces, who previously came to arrest Mr. Skimpole and whose real name is Necket, died. He left three children, Charlotte, called Charley, Emma, and Tom orphaned. Esther and friends visit them, meeting their neighbor, Mr. Gridley, a suitor known as the man from Shropshire. Mr. Gridley expresses his anger openly in court and gets into trouble. His inheritance involved payment to his brother. As the payment was disputed, the case was brought to trial. Due to the lengthy proceedings, his estate was absorbed in court costs. The suit continues, destroying Mr. Gridley's life. He was imprisoned for the contempt of court and threatening a solicitor.

Chapter 16 shows Lady Dedlock restlessly traveling between her London house and abroad while her husband suffers from gout. She traces Jo, the crossing-sweeper, who lives in a decayed area called Tom-all-Alone's. Introducing herself as a servant while wearing her maid's dress, she wants him to show her all the places that involved the inquest into Nemo's death. Jo shows her the place of Nemo's burial. When Lady Dedlock pays Jo a sovereign, she takes off her gloves. He notices that the rings on her fingers are too expensive for a servant. Steps on the ghost walk become very distinct.

Chapter 13-16 Analysis

Richard is chronically indecisive led by false hopes, unjustified trust, and neglect of his own matters. He has determination and enthusiasm that is only short lived.

Mr. Bayham Badger employs him as a trainee. His wife is fascinated with her previous husbands, whose lives influence their current marriage. They both represent a snobbery that is somewhat comical. Their authority acknowledges both Ms. Badger and her husband. Their achievements are always present in Ms. Badger's head and her admiration for them apparent throughout her conversation.

Dickens criticizes the approach parents had towards their children in portraying Mr. Turveydrop and his attitude towards his son. His inclinations to make others do all the work led to his wife's death. It is also his son's fate to work as hard as he can while his father dines and relaxes. His worship of deportment is an example of vanity. Esther is rightly worried about Caddy, who is likely to have problems adjusting to Mr. Turveydrop's unusual habits. Caddy is determined to leave her house no matter what. She is even oblivious to the fact that Mr. Turveydrop neglected his son's education so that he could pursue his preoccupation with deportment. The connection between characters become more apparent along with their closer involvement. Ms. Flite becomes to feature more prominently, sharing her burden of the law suit.

Esther gets to know Mr. Skimpole better and analyses his lack of concern for everything around him. In contrast to Mr. Boythorn, who gets passionate about everything, Mr. Skimpole shows that he has a similar proclivity that courts display of lack of concern of others. He gains advantage by winning arguments through twisting various notions and even engaging philosophy. He cares little that he incurs debts taking advantage of

vulnerability and good nature of others. The legal system causes many people to suffer. Mr. Gridley is unable to recover from his law suit relentlessly damaging all his prospect for happiness. His anger leads to his imprisonment. He represents another tragic end to unforeseen circumstances.

The story gains suspense through Lady Dedlock's pursuit of Nemo's whereabouts. Her travel barely her restlessness. Jo's misery, his lack of education and any means of help, including larger amounts of money. initiate a sad portrayal of children deprived of their parents in London at that time.

Mr. Tulkinghorn is worried about Mr. Gridley but avoids women. He is only interested in one woman, Lady Dedlock. He suspects that here is his opportunity to reach for power. Ghostly appearances provide a sense of doom and the inevitable end the Dedlock family faces.

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