Bee Season: A Novel Topics for Discussion

Myla Goldberg
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What does the acronym ISKCON stand for?

Explain "Perfectimundo" as it relates to Miriam Naumann.

What prompts Eliza to misspell the word "origami"?

Discuss Eliza's experience with transcendence during her study of Abraham Abulafia's "Life of the Future World."

When does Aaron Naumann "see" God for the first time?

What, exactly, is at the root of Miriam Naumann's quest to fix the world?

What does Saul Naumann do for a living?

Why does Aaron Naumann turn his back on Judaism?

Discuss the significance of Miriam Naumann's kaleidoscope.

Why does Miriam become upset when Saul presents her with the pink rubber ball?

Why does Miriam Naumann steal things she could just as easily buy?

Explain how Saul Naumann reclaims his Jewish heritage.

At which point in the narrative does Eliza Naumann feel most alone, and why?

Explain the concept of shefa, introduced on page 172.

What causes Saul to choose to sleep in the study rather than with Miriam?

This section contains 163 words
(approx. 1 page at 400 words per page)
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