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Arrows of the Queen, by Mercedes Lackey, is the story of a young woman named Talia who has been Chosen by a Companion to become a Herald of the Kingdom where she lives. In this Kingdom, Heralds are messengers and representatives of the Queen, and they ride about the Kingdom on assignments, riding horse like creatures named Companions. The Kingdom is ruled by a Queen named Selenay.

Talia is a young woman who was born and raised in a distant part of the kingdom on a Hold, a community whose culture suppresses women to menial roles in life. At thirteen, Talia is different from the other women in that she wants to read and write and be something more than a wife. When she is told she must marry, Talia runs away. She is found very soon by Rolan, a Companion who has been searching the Kingdom for a replacement for his lost rider, and this person will be the Queen's Own, confidant of the Queen and very important to the Kingdom.

Talia is chose by Rolan, although she first refuses to believe she can become a Herald. Talia begins her journey to take this magical creature back to their rightful owners and it is only when the Queen tells her she is to become a Herald and her Companion is Rolan that she begins to believe it.

Even with the support of Rolan, the trust of her Queen, and the support of an elder Herald named Jadus, Talia struggles to accept her new life, and to believe she deserves to be in the exalted position she is in.

There are people in the Kingdom who do not want her to succeed, and this quickly becomes apparent when Talia is harassed and then almost killed by a group of fellow students who are not in the Herald clan. Rolan saves her life, accompanied by Keren.

The Queen and Council now realize Talia's life is in danger, and Talia begins to suspect that the Queen's daughter, Elspeth, is being influenced by her new maid, Hulda. Talia joins with her male friend Skif to investigate, and they find Hulda has been drugging the old maid, filling Elspeth's head with false notions that may prevent her from being Chosen by a Companion, and working together with an unknown member of the Council to cause trouble for the Queen.

Talia assists in unearthing this plot, and order is restored while Talia is left with the unenviable position of turning Elspeth from a brat into someone who can rightfully inherit the throne one day.

With Talia's patience and stern control, Elspeth becomes a loving child with potential again. Talia immerses herself in the culture, history and lore of the Heralds, but always has a sense she does not really belong there.

The story reaches its climax just as Talia is learning to use her Gift of Emotional Sensing. She reaches out and becomes mind locked with Ylsa, Keren's partner and a Herald on a secret mission for the Queen. Ylsa is killed, but not before she is able to transmit an important message to Talia. With Talia's help, the Queen is able to discover what Ylsa has found, and use that information to rid the Kingdom of terrorists who would destroy her and all of the Heralds.

Now Talia feels as if she belongs, and she deserves all the love and kindness given to her by her new home and family. As the story ends, Talia has become a Herald, and agreed to be a sister to Skif.

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This section contains 597 words
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