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Anthony Horowitz
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Anthony Horowitz's Ark Angel is the story of a young boy who has been drawn into the very grown up world of espionage. Alex Rider is fourteen, but that does not stop him from being the top operative for the British intelligence agency, MI6. This story begins shortly after Alex has been shot. An assassin attempted to kill Alex, but thanks to a low curb just at the right moment, the bullet missed Alex's heart. Alex is in a private hospital recovering from his wounds. Alex is just one day away from going home when everything goes horribly wrong.

Alex, much like any other fourteen year old boy would be, is bored and tired of being cooped up in his hospital room all day and night. He sneaks downstairs to see the night guard, who he knows will let him outside for a half hour or so, and stumbles into a conspiracy. Four armed men enter the hospital and kill the guard after locating the room of Paul Drevin. Paul is in the room next to Alex, and Alex is worried about the boy. Paul would not be able to defend himself against these men, so Alex hurries up to his room and swaps the room numbers. He then gets dressed and poses as Paul. After a good run through the hospital, Alex manages to take out all four of the assailants, one by one. On his way to call the police, Alex is hit from behind by the driver and kidnapped in Paul's place.

After escaping from the kidnappers, Alex learns that they were soldiers for Force Three. Force Three is a terrorist organization who seem to have a vendetta against the billionaire Nikolei Drevin, Paul's father. Alex's doctor orders two weeks vacation for Alex to rest, and nothing else. Paul's father insists that Alex spend his two weeks with them. He will get to relax at the spacious and luxurious Neverglade, home of the Drevins in London. He will get to tour New York City for a day, and then even go to the Caribbean and watch a rocket launch. This all sounds great, but Alex has a bad feeling about his vacation. He is right.

Upon arriving in New York, Alex is detained by a "customs" agent, who turns out to be CIA. The CIA tell Alex that Nikolei is one of the worlds biggest criminals, and that he is connected to the Russian Mafiya, Chinese Triad, and Japanese Yakuza. Alex is to continue his vacation with the Drevins and just keep an eye on Nikolei. If Nikolei tries to go anywhere from his island in the Caribbean, Alex is to notify the CIA. The CIA has a team just ten miles away on the island of Barbados, and at Alex's word, they will rush in and take Drevin.

Alex's cover is blown on the island, and Alex finds out that Nikolei has no plan of running. Nikolei plans to send a bomb up over the space station, Ark Angel. The bomb is placed just so that when it explodes, it will act as a push in the wrong direction, sending the space station hurtling toward the Pentagon, where the CIA has all of the evidence in Drevin's case. Enough of Ark Angel will survive reentry to completely level Washington D.C. The great part about his plan is that he invented Force Three! The terrorists get to take the blame for the bomb, and Drevin would get away. Alex escapes the island and informs the CIA of what is going on, only to have to go right back to the island with them.

After Nikolei Drevin's plane crashes over the jungle, Alex finds out that there is no way to deactivate the bomb from Earth. Alex must take an ape's place in a second rocket to the station, then move the bomb to a more central location. In the center of Ark Angel, the bomb would blow up the entire station. When Alex reaches the space station, he finds that he is not alone. The leader of Force Three, who was also Drevin's chief of security, went up with the bomb to place it and activate it. He is awaiting the second rocket so he will be able to return to Earth. He and Alex fight, but Alex manages to kill him. Alex moves the bomb to the center of the station, leaving it nose first in a toilet. Alex then returns to the reentry module and returns to Earth. Ark Angel is destroyed in orbit.

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