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Herr Soerensenappears in Tempests

Herr Soerensen is the proprietor of a traveling theater troupe that sails up and down the coast of Norway to perform in various towns. He is fairly old, having decided to do this after many years of success in the theater business in Copenhagen, Denmark. Soerensen feels strongly that Malli can be a successful actress, and picks her to star as Ariel in an upcoming performance of The Tempest, by Shakespeare. Despite Soerensen's strong commercial instincts, he is totally dedicated to the art of the plays of Shakespeare. He views the upcoming production of The Tempest as the culmination of his long life's work. When Malli comes to Soerensen, and complains that she cannot marry Arndt because her first commitment is to the theater, he immediately sympathizes with her. Soerensen had been married and had abandoned his wife to continue his traveling theater company, and abandon all other commitments.

Babetteappears in Babette's Feast

Babette is a dominating character in the story with her name, but not a highly verbal character. There is much more description by Babette than dialogue from her. Babette was once an accomplished cook in the expensive restaurant called Cafe Anglais in Paris, France. During the revolutionary disturbances of 1871, Babette joined the Communards and helped men to fight in the streets of Paris. After the Communards were defeated, her husband was killed and Babette was forced to leave France. Babette flees to the Norway house of the daughters of the Dean. At first it is not clear if she is happy with her fate there, though it is said that she improves the food and adds a certain spiritual resonance to the people for whom she cares. Only when Babette produces the 10,000 franc dinner for 12 guests is it clear that she has gratitude for her hosts and is satisfied with her lot in life. She is indeed an artist, not only in producing the dinner, but also in her attitude towards life.

Elishamaappears in The Immortal Story

Elishama lives in the semi-colonial city of Canton in China, dominated by British and French merchants. Elishama calls himself Ellis in Canton, but is actually a young Polish Jew who is alone and who has fled persecution. He is very intelligent, but lacks any ambition in the real world. This leads him to only seek security by being useful to Mr. Clay. This leads Elishama to have a very close relationship with Mr. Clay, almost like a son to a father. As a result, Elishama carries out Mr. Clay's outrageous demands to make the sailor's story occur in real life.

Mr. Clayappears in The Immortal Story

Mr. Clay is a successful merchant in the city of Canton, China, possibly the richest merchant there. Like Elishama, he is also alone, but this is due to his rejection of his fellow human beings. He has no wife or family, and he has destroyed his partner, a French merchant named Mr. Dupont, and taken over this man's house. Now, Mr. Clay is old and sick and cannot sleep. He tires of hearing Elishama read his past financial accounts and of old business deals. First, he has Elishama read the prophecy of Isaiah, and then Mr. Clay brings up the old sailor's story. Next, Mr. Clay wants to show his power again by putting the sailor's story into effect, and having it happen to a real sailor.

Herr Cazotteappears in Ehrengard

Herr Cazotte is an artist at the court of the Duchess of Babenhausen. He is known for his artistic accomplishment and his ability to seduce women. Herr Cazotte has an old friend, his benefactress, to whom he writes long letters that disclose his intention to seduce Ehrengard. However, this seduction is primarily psychological. Only as the story is told, is it clear what events will confirm this seduction by Herr Cazotte.

Ehrengardappears in Ehrengard

Ehrengard is appointed the maid-of-honor to the Princess Ludmilla, at the hideaway at Rosenbad. She is the daughter of a military man, and her brothers are all in the military. Her fiance Kurt is also in the military. Thus, she is unprepared when confronted with the subtle wiles of the artist Herr Cazotte.

Martineappears in Babette's Feast

Martine is the older daughter of the Dean. She, like her sister Phillippa, does not marry. At the beginning of the story, Martine is a beautiful young woman who attracts the attentions of the young officer Lorens Loewenhielm. Later, like her sister, she ages, but only changes when confronted by the gratitude of the French refugee Babette.

Phillippaappears in Babette's Feast

Phillippa is the younger daughter of the Dean, who also never marries. She attracts the attention of the 40-year-old opera singer, Achille Papin, through her beautiful singing at church. She ends the singing lesson that Achille gives her after he kisses her at the end of an opera scene. Phillippa tends to follow the lead in decisions of her older sister Martine.

Saufe, Softa, later El Nazred, the Diverappears in The Diver

Saufe, also known as Softa, is the young man who wishes to fly like the angels. The elders of the city conspire against him by subverting him with the dancer Thusmu. He ends up leaving the city. Later, he returns to the story as a diver. In both cases, Saufe or the Diver (El Nazred) have a magical ability to solve problems.

Liseappears in The Ring

Lise is the young wife of Sigismund who is out walking to the sheepfolds with her new husband. She is of higher-class birth than her husband, and often makes fun of him though she loves him.

Malli, Mamzellappears in Tempests

Malli is the daughter of Madam Ross and her missing husband, Captain Alexander Ross. Malli becomes deeply committed to her role Ariel in the theater troupe of Herr Soerensen. She is a heroine in saving a ship and crew, and becomes engaged to Arndt, son of the leading family in the port at which they arrive. After the death of the sailor Ferdinand, Malli realizes that the play, The Tempest, and acting in the theater are more real to her than ordinary life. She then flees from her fiance Arndt, to continue to be Ariel in the theater troupe's play, The Tempest.

Paul, Pavl, the Sailorappears in The Immortal Story

Paul, or Pavl, is the name of the young sailor who goes with Mr. Clay and Elishama to play his part in the story occupying Mr. Clay's imagination. He is only 17 years old, and when he sleeps with Virginie as part of the enacted sailor's story, this is his first night with a woman.

Virginieappears in The Immortal Story

Virginie is the woman who plays the part of the beautiful lady in the story that Mr. Clay wants to bring to life. Her father was ruined by Mr. Clay, and Mr. Clay takes over her house. She hates Mr. Clay, but feels obligated to accept Elishama's offer of 300 guineas to play the part in the sailor's story.

Sigismundappears in The Ring

Sigismund is the young husband of Lise. He is of a humbler-class of birth than Lise, and is very engaged in raising sheep.

The Thiefappears in The Ring

The thief is the silent, but potentially deadly man, who Lise meets when she goes to a covert in the trees near the path back to her house. He lets Lise go, and though he kicks away her ring, he accepts her offered handkerchief.

Prince Lotharappears in Ehrengard

Prince Lothar is the only son of the Duke and Duchess of Babenhausen. Lothar is dedicated to the arts and other studies and has to be coaxed to pursue and marry a woman. Under Herr Cazotte's advice, he woos Princess Ludmilla, but ends up making her pregnant before they are married.

Princess Ludmillaappears in Ehrengard

Princess Ludmilla is the woman who Prince Lothar chooses to wed. She is from a large royal family in Leuchtenstein, and is impregnated by Prince Lothar before their marriage. The Duchess decides to hide Ludmilla's early pregnancy.

Kurt, Kurt von Blittersdorffappears in Ehrengard

Kurt is the military man who is the fiance of Ehrengard. He ends up running into Ehrengard at the Blue Boar Tavern and Inn.

Lispethappears in Ehrengard

Lispeth is the nursemaid to the new-born Prince. She is separated from her husband Mathias while giving suck to the infant Prince. This causes problems that lead to the abduction of the infant.

Mathiasappears in Ehrengard

Mathias is the jealous husband of Lispeth, the nursemaid to the Prince. He is jealous of his wife and suspects she is having an affair. He lets himself be used by the discontented branch of the royal family to abduct the infant Prince.

Mira Jamaappears in The Diver

Mira Jama is the storyteller in The Diver. Mira Jama tells the tale of the young student Softa, and later follows the trail of another man called the Diver. Softa and the Diver (El Nazred) turn out to be the same man.

Thusmuappears in The Diver

Thusmu is the dancer who distracts Softa from his studies of bird's wings and of attaining flight like the angels.

The Old Cowfishappears in The Diver

The old cowfish is the magical fish that tells El Nazred how to find the choicest pearls. The cowfish philosophizes on why fish have no ambitions like men do.

Lorens Loewenhielmappears in Babette's Feast

Lorens Loewenhielm is the young officer who falls in love with Martine. He realizes he must abandon this love and marry a woman who is suitable for him. Later, he comes back to dine at Babette's feast, many years later as a General.

Achille Papinappears in Babette's Feast

Achille Papin is the 40-year old opera singer who falls in love with Phillippa and her beautiful voice. He gives singing lessons to Phillippa, but these are stopped after he kisses her. Later, Achille advises Babette to seek shelter with Phillippa and her sister Martine.

The Deanappears in Babette's Feast

The Dean is the founder of a pious sect, and the father of Martine and Phillippa. After the Dean's death, his 100th anniversary is the event celebrated by the dinner that Babette gives.

Madam Rossappears in Tempests

Madam Ross is the mother of Malli, who raises Malli by herself. She becomes a seamstress and raises Malli as a single mother.

Jochum Hosewinckelappears in Tempests

Jochum is the owner of the ship Sophie Hosewinckel. He is friendly to Malli, but is troubled because he is getting old. He tells Malli about the story of his honest ancestor Jens Aabel.

Mrs. Hosewinckelappears in Tempests

Mrs. Hosewinckel is Jochum's wife. She becomes worried when she sees the sudden change in Malli after the death of Ferdinand.

Arndtappears in Tempests

Arndt is the 27-year-old son of the Hosewinckel's who proposes marriage to Malli. He has avoided women after a tragic affair in his youth. He proposes marriage to Malli, but does not realize the hold that the theater has on Malli.

Ferdinandappears in Tempests

Ferdinand is the sailor who helps Malli save the ship Sophie Hosewinckel. He is injured during the incident, and later dies. Malli imagines that she is the spirit Ariel and Ferdinand is her helper in the play, The Tempest.

Captain Alexander Rossappears in Tempests

Captain Alexander Ross is the captain of the ship that comes into port for repairs. There Captain Ross marries Madam Ross, and impregnates her. He disappears forever when he leaves in the spring, and Malli never knows her father.

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