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Why is Matt determined to stay aboard the Aurora? What links him to the ship? What effects does he suffer from when he is on the ground?

What phrase or nickname is consistently associated with or used to describe Matt Cruse? When and where does Matt learn that it is not exactly true? What circumstances bring about this realization?

Who are the two women in Matt's life (as he sees it)? What conflict does he have with the two of them and why are they seemingly at odds with each other?

What do Matt and Kate discover on the island? How do they find it? What is the significance of this particular island? What impact does the item they find have on Matt? What is the impact on Kate? How do they differ and why?

What happened to Benjamin Molloy? What do Matt and Kate learn about his last day? Who mistakenly lets this information slip and where? In what context is this information given to them?

Why do Matt and Kate pretend to be sole survivors on the island? What is Matt counting on when he first realizes who their rescuers are? In reality, what are Matt and Kate needing rescue from?

Who is responsible for the crash landing of the Aurora? What does the airship lose that makes it impossible to fly? How is their supply replenished, and where is the new supply located? How do they manage to get it aboard? What circumstances had to be just right in order for this resupply to occur?

Why doesn't Matt get the promotion he was promised, and deserved? Who is promoted in his place? Why is this person given preference? What circumstances led to this person being consigned to the Aurora? What are the details of the deal he made and with whom?

Who manages to rescue the ship from the pirates who take control of it? What steps does this group take to ensure that the Aurora is not boarded by the pirate's reinforcements? When the Aurora lifts off from the island, who is on board that does not belong?

What one desire do Matt and Kate share? What obstacles stop each of them from being able to accomplish this dream? What removes the obstacles each of them faces?

Why has the creature never been previously discovered? What factors contribute to its ability to avoid human contact? What is the most compelling difference between this creature and all other creatures of similar origin? What are some of the obvious drawbacks of this trait?

What incident causes Kate to decide that the creature's skeletal remains are not enough proof? What does she want to add? To what lengths is she willing to go in order to accomplish this?

What misconception do Kate and Matt have about the creature at first? What incident changes their minds about its nature? How do these creatures reveal their true nature?

What are some of the reasons that airships of this nature could never work in place of the airplanes we currently use? What would some of the more obvious drawbacks be? In which ways would they be a benefit compared to our current modes of transportation? What issues do both modes of transportation share that make them impractical over a long term?

This section contains 555 words
(approx. 2 pages at 400 words per page)
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