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"Mr. Cruse, I look at you, and of all the men, you're the one who shows not the slightest hint of fear." Chp 1, Pg. 12
Captain Walken to Matt Cruse as he makes a decision about who to send across to the gondola of the hot air balloon strapped to a davit.

"It's on account of your late arrival that you see this part of the ship at all." Chp 2, Pg. 32
Matt to Miss Simpkins as she loudly complains about the grilled metal floor that she is having trouble traversing as a result of the high heeled shoes she is wearing which keep getting caught in the grating.

"The man in the balloon, was my grandfather." Chp. 3, Pg. 44
Statement made by Kate de Vries as Matt takes her on a tour of the ship Aurora.

"Said her tea tasted like a fish had bathed in it." Chp 4, Pg. 53
Jack Mobius to Matt as Matt replaces him behind the bar in the lounge, referring to and warning him about Miss Simpkins - the woman with the 'scary hair'.

"Every year there are hundreds of unsubstantiated sightings of monstrous creatures in land, air, and sea, and we fell it is our duty as men of science to gently remind you that your grandfather was not trained, and in his state of health, he may have suffered additional deficiencies of observation..." Chp 5, Pg. 67
Comments send to Kate in response to the letter she had written to the Zoological Society regarding the findings of her grandfather.

"This is as scandalous a breech of aeronautical law as I've ever encountered." Chp 6, Pg. 76
Captain Walken to Szpirglas after he and his pirates forcibly board the Aurora.

"In case you hadn't noticed, we've been boarded by pirates, had one of our crew murdered, and crash-landed on a desert island no one knows exists." Chp 8, Pg. 100
Matt to Kate, exasperated with her cheery demeanor and feeling out of sorts.

"Really, it seems hard to imagine you bringing me back unless I cooperated." Chp 9, Pg 102
Kate to Matt when Matt threatens to forcibly see her back to the ship as the captain instructed.

"I'm wondering if maybe your parents paid the pirates to sink our ship." Chp 11, Pg. 130
Matt to Kate, jokingly as they talk about family and how her parents feel about her.

"We're just going to disappear nice and easy into the forest." Chp 15, Pg. 179
Matt to Kate after they realize that the cloud cat is not a benign and shy animal from whom they have nothing to fear.

"If it weren't for Mr. Cruse here, I'd surely have perished." Chp 16, Pg. 188
Kate to Szpirglas as she helps Matt concoct the story of their ship wreck.

"You might give some thought to working for us, now that your own ship has been lost." Chp 17, Pg. 198
Szpirglas to Matt after they are 'rescued' by the pirates.

"If the pirates spot us, they'll kill us without blinking." Chp 18, Pg. 211
Matt to Kate and Bruce as they discuss what to do after Szpirglas takes over the Aurora.

"You were born to it, Mr. Cruse, no question." Chp 20, Pg. 248
Captain to Matt after Matt saves the Aurora from crashing into the island.

"This is not an opportunity you want to squander." Chp 21, Pg. 253
Kate to Matt as they discuss his Academy education.

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