Airborn - Chapter 21: At Anchor Summary & Analysis

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Chapter 21: At Anchor Summary

The Cloud Cat exhibit is busy and it takes a while for Matt to make his way to Kate. They go out to the terrace and Kate asks him how he is enjoying Paris. The reward they'd gotten for helping capture the pirates was enough to send Matt to the Academy. There was even enough money remaining to look after his mother and sister. They have tea and catch up, watching overhead as the Aurora docks, fully refitted with new engines and outer skin. They talk about the Aurora, the pirates, and remember Bruce. Kate tells him she is going back to the island and offers to take Matt along. At her request, he describes again how their Cloud Cat rejoined her flock. He tells her about Baz's upcoming marriage to which he will stand up as best man and she reveals that her parents have decided to let her attend university. He tells her that Paris would be a grand place to study, and she agrees to give it careful consideration. Pleased, he takes her hand and they watch the Aurora lift off.

Chapter 21: At Anchor Analysis

Matt stops in to see the Cloud Cat exhibit, amazed at the number of people who are there, and somewhat taken aback by the presentation and demeanor of Kate, now in her element. The skeleton of the Cloud Cat was carefully assembled, and even it looks proud and poised on its stand. Kate approaches and they talk, but to Matt, the conversation is strained. He resists the urge to hug her like he did on the island, and remembers their kiss. Despite his initial nervousness, after a few minutes, they are able to relax in each others company the way they used to. They talk about the island, and Kate expresses her interest in returning, inviting Matt to join her. He tells her about the Academy, and agrees that he is beginning to get his land legs, although he still prefers the sky, and fervently hopes that there will be an opening on the Aurora when his education is finished. Kate seems convinced that the Captain would make room for him. Matt sees the Aurora, newly refitted, land and Kate tells him she will be furthering her education as soon as she can. Matt plans to attend Baz's wedding, acting as best man, and suggests that Kate join the university in Paris. She promises to consider it as they stand, hand in hand, and watch the Aurora lift off.

This section contains 426 words
(approx. 2 pages at 400 words per page)
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