Airborn - Chapter 16: Rescue Summary & Analysis

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Chapter 16: Rescue Summary

They reach the clearing just in time to see a small airship. It takes Matt a moment to realize it is the pirate ship, but by then it is too late. They have already been spotted. Matt quickly makes up a story to explain their presence on the island, telling Kate as they go along, and reminding her to keep waving and smiling. Greeted by Crumlin first, Matt tells the story he concocted, and then repeats it for Szpirglas as he disembarks. Szpirglas introduces himself as Captain Anglesea, and claims to be from the Sky Guard, offering them a meal and shelter, claiming to be anxious to hear about their ordeal. Crumlin leads them to a large village where it is obvious the pirates have made their home base. On the wall in the lodge, Matt is horrified to spot the trophy head of a cloud cat and Crumlin takes pleasure in recounting the sport of his kill, telling them that over the years, they'd killed four or five of them. It explained why the cloud cats feared the spyglass, likely thinking it was a gun. Szpirglas tests Matt a dozen different ways, trying to trip him up without success as they sit there drinking the mango juice offered. They are served dinner, and though it was overdone, the pirates dug in with enthusiasm as did Matt and Kate who were starved. Matt realizes that the mango juice is spiked as he begins to get drunk. Szpirglas offers to telegram their families for them, but Matt knows he is more interested in Kate's pedigree. Then he sets them up in separate rooms for the night. Kate and Matt agree to meet at the edge of the forest where they had come out earlier, as soon as they are able to slip away.

Chapter 16: Rescue Analysis

When Matt first sees the airship, it takes a second or two to register who they are, but the dark ship without any markings is the same one that attacked the Aurora. He tries to pull Kate back into the forest, but she doesn't understand and by the time he manages to explain it to her, the pirates have already seen them. Now, Kate is reluctant, but Matt tells her if they run, they'll still have to deal with the cloud cat waiting in the trees at the edge of the forest, and will likely lead the pirates to the others. He quickly makes up a story, and rids himself of all Aurora insignias, hoping they won't be recognized. A plan forms in Matt's mind. He knows the Aurora will be ready to leave the next afternoon, and if they bide their time pretending to be castaways, they can sneak away in the night and return to the Aurora in time to leave with them. In a bizarre turn, Matt and Kate are taken to the pirates' village where their wives and children lived. It looked as though it had taken years to create the kingdom that Szpirglas had. Matt realizes that they will never let them escape. There is no chance that Szpirglas would take a chance on their home base being discovered. Over dinner, and with several helpings of spiked mango juice, Szpirglas tries to trip them up, even offering to contact their families to let them know that they are okay. Kate tells him that her father is the superintendent of police on the Hawaiian islands. Szpirglas sets them up in separate rooms for the night. They have only a few minutes beforehand to agree on a plan to meet once everyone has fallen asleep and Matt only hopes that Kate doesn't fall asleep first.

This section contains 620 words
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