Airborn - Chapter 13: Hydrium Summary & Analysis

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Chapter 13: Hydrium Summary

The hydrium is more pure than what they were able to get from Lionsgate refineries, and the captain is very pleased. The next morning, Matt is part of the pipeline crew, unrolling the heavy tubing along the forest floor. It took until noon before they reached the cave and attached the hose to the collar the sailmakers had created. The pump is primed and started. Matt no sooner returns when Marjorie comes down the hall waving a bone in the air with Kate hot on her heels. As soon as they sit, Marjorie begins her tirade, insisting that Matt reveal where the bones came from. Kate tells her the bone where they found the bone, but Marjorie doesn't believe her. When questioned, Matt admits the same thing and Kate requests permission for another excursion. Marjorie insists that she will be confined until they leave the island. After they leave his office, the captain asks Matt to remain with the ship until they are ready to leave. Matt goes outside to check on the progress and is turned around when a flash occurs. Kate stands in her stateroom waving, and throws down a paper airplane with a note explaining she is locked in, and asking Matt to help. When Matt is reluctant, she sends another insisting they need pictures. Matt goes back inside to his duties wishing he could reconcile the two women in his life - Kate and the Aurora.

Chapter 13: Hydrium Analysis

At dinner, having come through with hydrium that will save them, Matt is hailed by the crew and given his favorite meal by Vlad. Embarrassed, he stares at his plate wishing they would go back to their meals. That night, after a mango scented nightmare, Matt lets himself into the projectionists booth and puts on a movie. He and Baz had done this together on occasion, too wound up to sleep. In the movie, Gilgamesh falls after Enkidu fails to hang on to his wrist, and the knowledge that his father had fallen to his death crept back up on him and while the movie continued to its end, Matt sat in tears, seeing none of it, and missing his father. The next morning, Matt helps to unravel the tubing through the forest to the cave. Baz told him that Miss Simpkins was keeping Kate confined to her room, and on some level Matt agrees with her strategy. It was a relief because he knew that if she asked, he would likely not have the strength to refuse her. Being on the ground was turning him into a weakling, he decides. Marjorie comes storming down the hallway waving a bone in her hands with Kate on her heels. She sees the captain, who asks Matt to join them in his office. Once there, she insists that Matt is behaving in an improper manner where Kate is concerned and that they should be kept apart for the remainder of their time on the island. The captain reminds her that without Matt, they would be living on the island indefinitely, but Marjorie is not to be placated so he gently suggests she continue her conversation with Kate in their quarters. They leave and detaining Matt, he strongly suggests that Matt remain with the ship until they are ready to leave. When Matt apologizes, the captain assures him that he would be first officer by now if he had his way.

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