Airborn - Chapter 4: Hot Chocolate For Two Summary & Analysis

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Chapter 4: Hot Chocolate For Two Summary

Their conversation comes to an end as Miss Simpkins approaches, although Matt still has a million questions. He leaves Kate and goes back to his quarters. Baz says hi as he climbs up to his bunk to sleep. The alarm rouses him at seven that evening for lounge duty and as they get ready, Baz tells him that he plans to propose to his girlfriend, Theresa. Matt tells Baz about his meeting with the Captain and Baz reminds him that he'll probably be flying the Aurora in ten years time. Then he teases Matt until he has him laughing and they head out to grab dinner before work. The food is good, staff enjoying the same food as the guests and Vlad, the chef, although a little loony, was a spectacular cook. Halfway through the meal, Bruce Lunardi comes in to eat. He is a pleasant enough young man, with a sense of humor and somehow that fact bothers Matt even more. Losing his desire for dessert, he heads to work. The lounge is busy and filled mostly with women, while the men socialize in the smoking room. Kate de Vries and Miss Simpkins sit at a window table and Baz arrives shortly after. He sits down at the baby grand piano to entertain the guests, but Miss Simpkins doesn't enjoy the music and soon takes Kate back to the room. While Miss Simpkins is momentarily distracted, Kate wanders over and asks Matt how long he is on duty for. He tells her and her chaperone returns leaving them little room to do more than say goodnight. The evening is busy and before long, Baz is playing the kind of Bach, funeral music that sends a message the evening was over. A message in one of the tubes gets Matt's attention, and he notes that it is from the Topkapi stateroom, requesting that two hot chocolates be brought to them. He finishes cleaning up, and takes the hot chocolate to them personally. Miss Simpkins is sleeping when he arrives and Kate announces that the second hot chocolate is for him. Flustered, he tries to explain that even though he is off duty, he isn't allowed to fraternize with the guests. Disappointed, she says she'd only hoped they'd be able to talk some more. He notices the camera, and an assortment of flasks and containers nearby. She picks up a notebook, bound with a ribbon and tells him it was her grandfathers. Everything he saw is carefully written down, along with sketches. A voice calls out from behind the door and gives Matt a start. Kate puts the journal into his hands, telling him she trusts him. Read it and then return it, she adds, saying she'd bookmarked the page where he first saw them. She smiles at him and closes the door. Matt returns the tray to the kitchen and once back in his cabin he begins to read.

Chapter 4: Hot Chocolate For Two Analysis

Matt is disappointed when he sees Miss Simpkins approaching. He has a million questions he wants to ask Kate. Matt heads back to his quarters. Regardless of the lack of promotion now, Matt loves his job and his cabin. To him, this is home. He has the same library of books that his father carried when he was on the Aurora, and can lie down and look out his porthole where he could see clouds, land masses, and oceans during the day and the stars at night. He looks out and sees something flying in the distance, but then realizes it is just a trick of cloud and light and wonders if that was what had happened to Kate's grandfather. He could hardly wait to talk to her again, and hopefully without her chaperone. When he wakes, Baz helps him get ready and they go out for dinner. While eating, they are joined by Bruce Lunardi, and the conversation is a bit stilted as Matt has no desire to fraternize with the person he perceives as the enemy. The worst part of it all is that Bruce seems like a personable and likable enough person. Matt has a hard time continuing to dislike intensely. Matt leaves before dessert, heading up to work in the lounge. Baz isn't far behind him. While Matt serves drinks, Baz plays the grand piano, entertaining the guests. Kate and her chaperone sit at a window seat for a time, but the music is too raucous for Miss Simpkins' tastes and she insists they retire. On the way out, Kate asks Matt when he is finished for the night, and manages to place an order via the message tube just as he is finishing. He takes the two hot chocolates she ordered up to the room, and discovers that Kate is awake but Miss Simpkins is not. Kate invites him in, telling him that the second cocoa is for him, but he explains that fraternizing with the guests is strictly forbidden. Kate is a bit put out by that at first, but as Matt is explaining, Miss Simpkins wakes. Kate gives Matt the journal her grandfather kept, and tells him to read it, especially the area beginning where she bookmarked, asking only that he return it when he is done. He takes the journal, and the tray, slipping out before Miss Simpkins realizes he is there. Then he goes back to his cabin, wide awake now, and ready to read.

This section contains 922 words
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