Airborn - Chapter 2: Up Ship! Summary & Analysis

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Chapter 2: Up Ship! Summary

The ground crew of two hundred cast off the lines at the Control Car's command and the water ballast is dumped sending them quickly up and over the spires of Lionsgate City. The air is filled with dozens of ships, some landing, and the rest all headed in different directions. The Aurora is bound for Sydney, and Matt is amazed at the stores of food brought aboard for the trip. Matt is a cabin boy now, and his job involves settling the one hundred and twenty passengers who have just come on board. Shortly after take off, breakfast is prepared and served, and Matt works the dining room efficiently with Baz and Kristof. This trip, Matt hopes will be his last as a cabin boy. Rumors were that Tom Bear, the assistant sailmaker was leaving and Captain Walken had all but guaranteed the next promotion would be his after his help with the balloon rescue a year earlier. Matt could hardly believe that he would soon be an assistant sailmaker. It put him on the path to Captain one day. An ornithopter flies dangerously close to them and circles. Matt asks Baz to cover for him as he takes a try to the Control Car loaded with coffee and fresh baked goods. When he arrives, he hears the wireless operator, Luc Bayard, tell the Captain that two late passengers request landing by ornithopter. The Captain sends Matt down to help them aboard. The ornithopter is hooked on the second attempt and Marjorie Simpkins and her charge, Kate de Vries come aboard. They are escorted to their rooms after Matt puts their luggage onto the freight conveyor belt and they have watched the ornithopter take off again. Matt tells Kate that a tour is scheduled for later in the morning if she is interested, which she admits she is. He shows them how to summon help, should they need it, or send messages, and when Kate admits how hungry she is, Matt offers to bring them breakfast.

Chapter 2: Up Ship! Analysis

Matt begins to feel better as soon as the Aurora is aloft. He has never told his mother this, but for him the trips home begin happily enough, but after just a few short days, being on the ground is sheer torture. Besides, the only time Matt dreams of his father is when he is in the sky. There, when Matt sleeps, they fly together without encumbrances of either body or ship. As they take off, Matt tends to his duties as a cabin boy, settling passengers and then helping the orchestration of breakfast. This day, he is light on his feet as he contemplates the implications of Tom Bear's announcement that this was his last flight on Aurora. Captain Walken had promised him the next open promotion, and this was it - assistant sailmaker. An ornithopter takes turns around them and Matt takes a tray to the Control Car to see what is going on. As he gets there, he hears the report that two late passengers are aboard, and the Captain sends him down to greet them and help them onto the Aurora. Matt goes happily, excited to see an aerial landing. Kate de Vries, one of the two passengers boarding late, is of like mind and seems to have thoroughly enjoyed the flight while her chaperone gets out spewing insults and assuring the pilot she will contact his superiors. Kate merely thanks the pilot and insists on staying to watch him leave in the ornithopter, scoring her even more points with Matt. He watches as she takes in her surroundings with wonder. He mentions the tour being conducted later if they are interested and then escorts them to their room, even offering to bring them breakfast when they admit to pangs of hunger.

This section contains 645 words
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