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"A book seeks to be near its truest admirer. Just as this helpless moth seeks to be near the candle that infatuates him." Part 2, page 135.

"Meenakshi dropped in first with a question about whether it was possible to love more than one person—'utterly, desperately, and truly.'" Part 7.39, page 516

"He sees things in black and white, which is a great help when you're electioneering." Part 14.17, page 1086

"Seers meant something to [Mrs. Rupa], pounds something vague, and kilograms nothing at all." Part 9.13, page 629

"It was difficult to be someone's guest and prosecutor simultaneously, more particularly if you were hoping to seek their help in the near future." Part 14.21, page 1096

"The road, made of vertically laid bricks and little else, was cratered with holes, and the wheels had lost all memory of their shock absorbers." Part 10.11, page 700

"'I may as well humble myself before a stone,' suggested Pran, 'Or...a potato.'" Part 14.12, page 1068

"One of the by-products of Savita's marriage was a whole new family to worry about." Part 7.26, page 478

"...there are always people willing to believe anything, however implausible, merely in order to be contrary." Part 15.20, page 1179

"It is rare for religious feeling to be entirely transcendent, and Hindus as much as anyone else, perhaps more so, are eager for terrestrial, not merely post-terrestrial blessings." Part 15.20, page 1178

"'Do you want to be immortal? I can imagine nothing worse than to be immortal, nothing worse.'" Part 14.29, page 1117

"[Dipankar] had come to a decision about the next step in his life. This decision was irrevocable unless he changed his mind." Part 16.3, page 1192

"...amid the clink of cutlery and crockery was a mutual interview that might decide whether or not they would own a common set of those items some time in the whimsical future." Part 9.12, page 628

"[Mrs. Mahesh Kapoor believed] her husband was quite wrong-headed in divesting himself of the religious rites and ceremonies that gave meaning to life and donning the drab robes of his new religion of secularism." Part 6.14, page 355

"...while it gave [Mrs. Rupa Mehra] peace—tears rarely came to her eyes while she was reciting the Gita—it answered none of her questions." Part 9.1, page 597

"'There is no point in talking about it. Even [a rich family's] normal expectations for the wedding will be too high. We'll have to feed a thousand people. Of these, probably seven hundred will be guests from their side. And we'll have to put them up, and give all the women saris.'" Part 9.2, page 597

"Kidwai was something of a river-dolphin. He enjoyed swimming in silty water and outwitting the crocodiles around him." Part 14.16, page 1081

"The Mehras were a complicated family and nothing was what it seemed." Part 16.22, page 1249

"They agreed with each other violently and disagreed with each other pleasurably." Part 18.10, page 1390

"...there was something adventurous in losing herself entirely in a world that she did not know with a man whom she trusted and had begun to admire..." Part 18.19, page 1412

This section contains 497 words
(approx. 2 pages at 400 words per page)
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