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Hinduism is the religion of a majority of the people of India.


A Muslim is a person whose religion is Islam, a large minority of the people of India.

The Gold Medals

Awards given to Mrs. Rupa Mehra, the gold medals are precious mementos of her late husband.

The Ganga

The Ganga is a sacred river of India.

The Tanning Pits

The tanning pits are a foul smelling place where leather is cured before going to leather craft establishments.


One of the religious holidays of Hinduism, Holi is celebrated by splashing people with bright colored water.


Brogues are the shoes favored by Haresh because they represent British superiority to him.

Twelfth Night

The Shakespearean play Twelfth Night is produced by the university and Lata plays the part of Olivia.

The Cawnpore Leather & Footwear Company

The first company Haresh works for that brings him to Brahmpur is The Cawnpore Leather & Footwear Company.

Barsaat Mahal

Barsaat Mahal is a famous landmark where Lata and Kabir go for a boat ride.


Cycle-rickshaws provide cheap transportation pedaled by a lower caste man.


The legislated separation of India and Pakistan supposedly to keep the Hindus in India and place the Muslims in Pakistan is known as the Partition.

The Tabla

The tabla is a percussion instrument played in the music lesson by Motu Chand.


A difficult musical instrument to play,the sarangi is one of the instruments used as an accompaniment for Saeeda Bai's singing.


Rajakumar is the son of an Indian Raja.


A Tonga-Wallah is the horse drawn carriage used by Maan and the Rajkumar as transportation around the city.


The title used for people with various kinds of land holdings is Zamindar.

Purva Pradesh

Purva Pradesh is the fictional province with the capital city of Brahmpur.

Praha Shoe Company

Praha Shoe Company is the factory where Haresh Khanna proves himself to be management material.


A lathi is a cane stick used in Indian martial arts and by the police.

This section contains 339 words
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