A Suitable Boy - Part 19 Summary & Analysis

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Part 19 Summary

Kalpana Gaur gives Varun courage as he goes to the interview for a government job. Once it is over, she sends a telegram to Mrs. Rupa Mehra that their fingers are crossed after the end of the interview. Mrs. Rupa, back in Calcutta, goes on a whirlwind buying spree in preparation for Lata's wedding. She frequents her future son-in-law. Haresh's parents request a horoscope to see for themselves that Haresh and Lata are a good match. Amit, disappointed over Lata's decision, throws himself back into his novel which is going well. Meenakshi is too busy to go with Mrs. Rupa to the jewelers, so Varun takes her. The jeweler had not used Mr. Mehra's medal for Meenakshi's earrings and presents the box with the medal in it to Mrs. Rupa. Mrs. Rupa purchases a marriage manual for Lata much to Lata's gratitude since she had not had to suffer the embarrassment of purchasing it herself. There are all kinds of pre-wedding complications. Haresh insists that Jagat Ram come to the wedding. Jagat Ram, however, is aware of the social problem his presence at the wedding would cause. Lata goes through the traditional henna designs on her hands and feet. The wedding ceremony consists of various different Hindu customs that puzzle the presiding priest. Jagat Ram does attend the wedding briefly and leaves a gift in a shoebox wrapped in brown paper. It is learned that Rasheed has committed suicide. The judges of the Supreme Court have agreed that the Zamindari Act is constitutional. Malati is still convinced that Lata is making a big mistake. Mrs. Rupa, suddenly aware that something is going on between Varun and Kalpana Gaur, pulls him aside and says that he will marry a "suitable girl." Mrs. Rupa foils an attempt to play a prank on Haresh and Lata on their wedding night. Kabir can not bring himself to go to the wedding, though his father, Dr. Durrani is there. The morning after their wedding, Lata opens the brown paper gift and discovers a hand carved cat. The next day, Lata and Haresh board the train to go to his house. Lata feeds the monkeys outside the train station until the train pulls away.

Part 19 Analysis

Seth wraps things up in something of a jumble of endings and beginnings in this part. Subjects with which he appears to be uncomfortable, he glosses over quickly, like Rasheed's suicide. The caste differences come up again in Jagat Ram's brief appearance at the wedding. Kabir does not attend the wedding, and Malati maintains her opinion that Lata has made a big mistake. Clearly Lata likes but does not yet love Haresh. There is a certain poignancy to her throwing food to the monkeys as the train pulls out, taking her to her new married life.

This section contains 471 words
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