A Suitable Boy - Part 17 Summary & Analysis

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Part 17 Summary

Most of this part centers around Mahesh Kapoor's political campaign. It is complicated by the imprisonment of Maan after a bloody incident at Saeeda Bai's house. Learning that Firoz is in love with Tasneem, reported to be Saeeda Bai's sister, she must confess that Tasneem is actually her daughter and Firoz's father is also the father of Tasneem. Saeeda Bai gets a fruit knife which Maan wrestles from her, in the process nearly strangling her to the point that she loses her voice. In the struggle Firoz is stabbed by a crazed Maan who escapes to Banaras but is captured by the police. Mrs. Mahesh Kapoor, in poor health and distressed over Maan's imprisonment, passes away. None of the family of Nawab Sahib, Firoz's family, attend the chautha for Mrs. Kapoor. All of the campaign work that Maan had done so effectively in Salimpur-cum-Baitar province is undone by his incarceration. Rasheed, also pursuing a marriage with Tasneem, has become ostracized by his family and is working for the Socialists. Mahesh Kapoor finally attempts to use his influence with the police to get the charges dropped against Maan. This puts him in the awkward spot of doing what he is trying to prevent the wealthy land owners from doing as a result of the Zamindari Abolition and Land Reforms Act. Firoz remains in critical condition in the hospital and Nawab Sahib turns against Mahesh as a political candidate. Mahesh is helped by the appearance of Nehru in the district, but the effect soon wears off. Everything is up in the air as Part 17 concludes. Waris Khan, the guide with whom Maan once went hunting, becomes not just a dummy candidate to aid the cause of Mahesh Kapoor but rather a formidable opponent as they await the election results. On the eve of the election an anonymous flier announces that Firoz has died.

Part 17 Analysis

Politics is the theme and how they can become affected by isolated incidents. Maan accidentally stabs Firoz when he is out of his mind and runs to Banaras where he is ultimately apprehended. The situation involving Firoz has to do with potential incest as it is revealed that he is half-brother to Tasneem. Firoz, semiconscious in the hospital, is unable to clear Maan of premeditated attack on his person. Rasheed, according to Saeeda Bai, has lost his mind. He is trying to arrange a marriage with Tasneem as his second wife, which Saeeda Bai objects to strenuously. Rasheed is ostracized by his family over his attempts to protect the tenant farmers and has gone over to campaign for the socialists. All of these events affect greatly Mahesh Kapoor's run for the Parliament.

This section contains 450 words
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