A Suitable Boy - Part 13 Summary & Analysis

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Part 13 Summary

Savita fights to remain with Pran in the hospital. They discuss Savita's desire to go to university to become a lawyer. Mrs. Rupa Mehra is in a positive state fretting over Pran, Savita, and Lata. Mrs. Rupa is still determined to have Lata withdraw from the play. She tips her hand by telling Lata that she has a letter from Haresh. Mrs. Rupa finally agrees that she will come to see the play when it is performed.

Maan is progressing with his Urdu, but tensions within his family are running high. Mahesh Kapoor has resigned as Minister of Revenue and his wife is still greatly concerned about Maan's relationship with Saeeda Bai. Mrs. Kapoor is deeply religious without knowing why or even much about the particular "brand of Hinduism" she upholds. Maan gets Saeeda Bai to make up with him, spends the night with her, and then travels to Banaras to look after his business and collect debts owed to him. He only manages to get about one eighth of what is owed to him. Maan returns to call Savita and find out about her health and that of Pran. Going to Saeeda Bai's house, he is repelled because she is entertaining one of her clients. In the hospital staying with Pran, Savita goes into labor and has a somewhat difficult delivery of a baby girl even though everyone had predicted a boy.

Meenakshi returns home from a trip to learn that Savita has had her baby, Kakoli is still interested in Hans, and Amit seems to be besotted of Lata. Meenakshi and Kakoli travel to Brahmpur only to find that all of Pran's family are in the hospital with him. Finally finding lodging, the two women descend on the hospital to visit Savita and see the baby. Going to a rehearsal, Kuku thinks Kabir is delicious and that Lata has a crush on him. A great deal is made out of naming the baby which gives rise to the discussion of various Hindu superstitions and customs.

Haresh has resigned at Praha Shoes but he continues to correspond with Lata. Lata tells Malati she will tell Kabir he is doing a good acting job. When they meet, it does not go well and they go for a silent walk that ends badly. Back at home Lata refuses to read out loud a letter from Haresh. Meenakshi announces that she thinks she is pregnant. Haresh gets friendly with Mr. Khandelwal, Chairman of Prahapore, and gets a referral letter to the Czechoslovakian General Manager at the plant. He is about to be brushed aside again when he challenges them to let him make a pair of the most difficult shoes they manufacture. He passes the test and gets on his way toward rising in the company.

A movement is underway to match Amit up with Lata over Mrs. Rupa's objection. Amit sends Lata a copy of his book of poetry and Mrs. Rupa worries it might be love poems.

Part 13 Analysis

Religious conflict and moral principles are stressed in the chapter as Maan continues his infatuation with Saeeda Bai. Seth's commentary on Hinduism includes Mrs. Rupa's not knowing much about her "particular brand of Hinduism." Economic difficulties are symbolized when Maan is unable to collect money owed him at his fabric business in Banaras. The futility of romance between Saeeda Bai and Maan begins to be evident when Maan is repelled from entering Saeeda Bai's house because she is entertaining one of her clients. Kakoli (or Kuku) also represents the younger generation's ideas about love and romance when she visits a rehearsal of Lata's play and declares Kabir to be "delicious." The work ethic of Haresh becomes an important part of the story to put him in the running for Lata's hand, though Lata has difficulty communicating with Kabir and is beginning to find positive attributes in Amit.

This section contains 651 words
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