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Part 12 Summary

On a visit to Mrs. Rupa and Lata, Mrs. Mahesh Kapoor and Veena bring them up to speed on the news about Bhaskar—how Kabir Durrani had found him after the stampede and how Haresh had brought the boy and Dr. Durrani together. Mrs. Rupa is aghast that everyone knows these young men and she has been in the dark. Lata thinks it is funny. Malati returns and tells Lata about her romantic adventures before they start talking about Lata and Kabir. Lata reaffirms that any relationship between them is impossible. Malati urges Lata to audition for a part in "Twelfth Night." Lata gets a part in the play only to find out that Kabir is also a cast member.

Rajkumar and two of his friends get into serious trouble and are threatened with expulsion from the university. Pran Kapoor is the faculty member assigned to interview the boys. Bhaskar is much better, talking and walking around. Later he meets up with Firoz who is representing a student over a violation of the rules for examinations. They talk briefly about Maan who is still away from the family. Pran becomes ill at the university and Professor Mishra tries to get him to withdraw his application as head reader which Pran refuses to do. Pran receives treatment from a masseur.

Maan returns to Brahmpur and goes to Baitar House instead of home. Reluctantly, he decides to visit Bhaskar first because the boy would be hurt if he did not. On the way, he changes his mind and goes instead to the house of Saeeda Bai. She castigates him for staying away for so long. There is a question about whether Rasheed is in love with Tasneem before Saeeda Bai summarily dismisses Maan. Maan lapses into embracing Saeeda Bai's servant, Bibbo.

Mahesh is contemplating leaving the Congress Party. Maan and Bhaskar urge Mahesh to run for the Northern Rudhia constituency. Maan has just returned from there where he is very popular and makes a surprising offer to help Mahesh there. Rasheed is one of the leaders of the student socialist movement that demonstrates and foments a riot between them and the police. The father of a dying boy is enlisted to help calm the situation. Later, Mrs. Rupa discovers that Kabir is in the play with Lata. She is aghast that Lata had not told her. Pran has one of his asthma attacks and when Lata and Malati come in from the rehearsal, Mrs. Rupa is crying.

Pran Kapoor is physically weak from asthma and the stress of not knowing if he will get the promotion for which he has applied. Professor Mishra makes no bones about the fact that he does not want Pran to get the job of head reader. Pran collapses under the stress but refuses to withdraw his application. Pran's wife, Savita (Lata's sister), is pregnant and Pran worries about her and the baby.

Part 12 Analysis

Part 12 begins to bring the suitable or unsuitable boys together in one chapter. There is a great deal of coincidence with Kabir and Haresh becoming known to family and friends where the key element has to do with Bhaskar. Haresh recognizes Bhaskar's brilliance with numbers and this is the reason for the boy's showing up at Kabir's father's house. Because Kabir has seen the boy, he is the one who identifies him after the stampede. Ironically, though Mrs. Rupa has seen both boys, she has never met them personally. The university play brings Lata and Kabir together again, though Lata goes against her heart to see that nothing comes of the reunion. Malati represents the liberated, modern Indian girl who has affairs with boys as she desires. She is however discrete in her meetings with boys.

This section contains 630 words
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