A Suitable Boy - Part 11 Summary & Analysis

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Part 11 Summary

The scene opens in the High Court of Judicature at Brahmpur. The occasion is a challenge to the constitutionality of the Zamindari Abolition Act. Interestingly, Nawab Sahib invites Mahesh Kapoor to join him for lunch, though the men are on opposite sides of the argument. In the course of these events, it is learned that Firoz has also been going to the house of Saeeda Bai. Back in court, the Raja of Marh is forcibly removed from the chamber. From that scene there follows a lengthy pilgrimage to see Sanaki Baba, an important guru. The Raja is kept cooling his heels while Sanaki Baba first sees Mr. Maitra, a man of wealth and power. Dipankar Chatterji is there also trying to find his truth and peace. Foreigners are in the crowd but do not understand one word of the sermons. Writing to Amit in a series of postcards, Dipankar admits that he is enamored with Pushpa, a young woman in the service of Sanaki Baba. Dipankar has a surreal experience with a group of sadhus. In the procession of the great akharas, the crowds grow so large that people are getting crushed together. A resulting stampede of frightened people separates Veena and Bhaskar. In the aftermath, Bhaskar cannot be located. The Muslims are celebrating the calamity that has befallen the Hindus, causing a great deal of animosity in the community. Kabir, acting as a student volunteer to help with the disaster, locates Bhaskar and calls the Kapoor residence. When Veena gets to her son, he is unconscious. There is conflict in the Kapoor household because Mahesh is having to follow closely the court trial over the challenge to the Zamindari Act and the demands make it difficult for him to visit Bhaskar in the hospital. The boy is conscious but cannot remember the disaster and there are other blank spaces in his memory. The court judgment upholds the Zamindari Act and pandemonium breaks out in the courtroom after the judges leave.

Part 11 Analysis

Conflict is the overriding theme of Part 11. There is the political conflict over the Zamindari Act that comes to a head in the court. There is the conflict between Muslim and Hindu in the aftermath of the tragedy at the Ganga. There is the conflict between Veena and Mahesh over visiting Bhaskar in the hospital. An interesting irony is that it is the "unsuitable Muslim boy" Kabir who locates Bhaskar and notifies his family. The fact that Lata and her mother are in Lucknow while all of this is going on mitigates the impact of Kabir's actions that might have influenced Lata a great deal.

This section contains 443 words
(approx. 2 pages at 400 words per page)
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