A Suitable Boy - Part 10 Summary & Analysis

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Part 10 Summary

Maan is bored in the village and finds the Muslim lifestyle strange. He debates whether the women in Rasheed's family actually exist. Maan is caught up in political situations and conversations, but shows no real interest in them. He comes alive at the suggestion of a wolf hunt, however. There is a hint of the trend toward modernization in the country when it is observed that the general public is developing a preference for films. There is conflict during the wolf hunt when two hunters leave the place they had been stationed and come within to range of rifle fire from across the way. Maan is quite angry over this breech which allows a large wolf to get away. This might be symbolic of the Zamindari Act where opposition grows from two different sides. Maan talks his way into a stay at the Baitar Fort residence of the Nawab Sahib, father of Maan's friend Firoz Khan. Waris, a trusted and loyal servant of the Nawab Sahib, takes Maan around the estate. Waris, in contrast to Rasheed, is loyal to his master and wants to see that he does not lose the fort estate in the aftermath of the Zamindari Act. Maan and Waris overhear the munshi (estate overseer) reprimand an old woman who is trying to retain control of land her family has farmed for generations. Maan becomes enraged and attacks the old munshi who attempts to say that his treatment of the old woman was only a joke. The munshi is now afraid that Mahesh Kapoor, the Minister of Revenue, will not be kindly disposed to the retention of the Baitar Estate. A letter to Rasheed from Tasneem, supposedly the younger sister of Saeeda Bai, gives a brief insight into her character. Rasheed explains some of his background to Maan who has returned to Rasheed's family home. A visit to an old blind man highlights the differences Rasheed has with his greedy family. There is an interesting discussion of religion that ends with Maan's flippancy about religion as a whole.

After drawn out domestic scenes that shed more light on the character of Rasheed and the awkwardness of having a Hindu man in their midst, the subject of what Rasheed did at the office of the patwari giving land to Kachheru is opened. The family is irate and comes down hard on Rasheed. Maan, not a part of all this, has received a letter from Saeeda Bai, but Rasheed is too distraught to translate it for Maan.

Part 10 Analysis

Part 10 delves into social, political, and religious differences among the Indian people. Key to the whole issue is Mahesh Kapoor's pushing of the Zamindari Act. Rasheed tries to use it to good effect, but his family opposes and censors him for his actions. There are many levels of differences illustrated in this part. There is a great difference between the Muslim family of the Nawab Sahib and the family of Rasheed. A stirring of political conscience occurs in Maan as he attacks the munshi of the Baitar Estate.

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