A Suitable Boy - Part 8 Summary & Analysis

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Part 8 Summary

Maan Kapoor leaves Calcutta with Rasheed for a month long trip out of Brahmpur which will separate him from Saeeda Bai. His assistant, considered fairly competent, will manage his cloth business during Maan's absence. The description of the train ride to Rasheed's family home depicts the crude travel available in the country. As they see part of the Baitar Estate, Maan becomes quite excited about the possibility of seeing his friend Firoz, though Rasheed only gives him an enigmatic smile. Maan's identity as the son of the Minister of Finance comes to light and the whole question of the redistribution of land returns to the novel. The theme of a Hindu visiting in a Muslim district begins with Maan assuring Rasheed that he will behave himself while staying with his family. Maan learns to his surprise that Rasheed is married and has two small daughters. It is after Maan's first night in Rasheed's father's house that they learn he is not Muslim. The conditions at Rasheed's family home are very primitive, but Maan adapts well. A long winded visitor to Rasheed's house tells a story of true love that contrasts symbolically with the arranged marriage customs of the culture.

Maan accompanies Rasheed into the village and sees first hand how the poor live. He learns how his father refused to help an old man who eventually died from want. He sees how even families turn on each other with children refusing to help their aged parents. Rasheed says that only his father and grandfather can affect a change in this behavior. The story of Kachheru is used to emphasize this social phenomenon. There is conflict between Rasheed, who wants to do what is right in giving land to those who have worked hard for the family for years, and his father who refuses to give up any land and cares little for the people. Maan wants to write a letter to Saeeda Bai, but Rasheed does not want to write it in Urdu for his friend. Rasheed arranges to have Kachheru's small plot of land transferred to his name. The process will take several weeks.

Part 8 Analysis

The theme of caste differences is covered heavily in Part 8. The attitudes of the haves versus the have nots are clearly defined. Rasheed is a fair and honest man who wants to do what is right by people like Kechheru, but his father and grandfather want to keep them suppressed and not have to give up any land by the Zamindari Bill. Muslims are just as judgmental of Saeeda Bai as the Hindus are. Conflict is foreshadowed in Rasheed's wanting to see that Kechheru is taken care of in aftermath of the Zamindari Bill.

This section contains 456 words
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