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Part 6 Summary

The chapter opens with music lessons from famed Muslim musician Ustad Majeed Khan. Among the students are Malati, Lata's best friend, Veena Tandon, and Mortu Chand, standing in for a student who is ill. Politics enters the class over both the Bihar Zamindari Act, championed by Veena's father' Mahesh Kapoor, and the religious conflict over the Raja's Temple of Shiva. Ustad suddenly realizes that Mortu accompanies Saeeda Bai, the notorious Muslim courtesan who serves the Raja of Marh. Maan Kapoor continues to be besotted with Saeeda Bai which takes him out of the running for girls of good family as a prospective husband. Since Saeeda Bai cannot read English, Maan determines to learn Urdu and Rasheed is elected to do the teaching which sets up a long friendship between the two young men.

Pran is awakened by a kick from Savita's baby during the night, an event that caused him great happiness. The next morning there is a long letter from Savita's mother Rupa. She discusses how Lata has been behaving out of anger and hurt because she was taken to Calcutta. In the meantime, Mrs. Mahesh Kapoor is quite concerned over Maan's infatuation with Saeeda Bai, although his father seems to pay little attention to the situation. Maan is warned by his mother that Saeeda Bai is incapable of love because of who and what she is. Coincidentally, Firoz is falling in love with Tasneem, reported to be Saeeda Bai's younger sister. There is a great deal of discussion about Pundit Nehru and the Congress Party between Mahesh Kapoor and an old man who had lost everything opposing British rule. Mahesh and his wife have a conversation about the foolishness of Maan's behavior with Saeeda Bai which is now common knowledge in the city. Some politically unlikely bedfellows—Nawab Sahib and his son Firoz and the Raja and his son the Rajkumar of Marh—are caught together by Mahesh Kapoor who sizes up the situation quickly. The awkward meeting serves to reunite Maan and Firoz who have been apart for some time. Maan becomes closer to Rasheed who is opposed to the system of landlords or zamindars, although his family is of that class.

When Maan next goes to visit Saeeda Bai, she is occupied and will not see him. Maan thinks she is angry because he recently missed an appointment with her. There is something vaguely foreshadowing with Saeeda Bai's displeasure at seeing Firoz come with a message from Maan. Maan then goes to see the Rajkumar who makes a homosexual advance by sliding his hand up Maan's thigh until Maan removes it with a laugh.

Part 6 Analysis

The plot complications of Part 6 involve human differences beginning with the religious conflicts between Hindu and Muslim. The character of Saeeda Bai further complicates the situation because of her status as courtesan, most specifically with the Hindu Raja of Marh. Seth includes the contrast of Rajkumar's overt homosexuality with Maan's heterosexual infatuation with Saeeda Bai. Interestingly, Maan handles the advances of Rajkamur with light hearted dignity. Mahesh Kapoor does not seem too disturbed about Maan's infatuation even though it has become the talk of the town. There is a double standard in play when it is only lightly suggested that Maan will not be a suitable boy for some Hindu girl to marry as opposed to the character attacks against Lata for her being seen with Kabir. A political meeting brings Maan and Firoz back together. In contrast, Maan is drawn closer to the Muslim Rasheed who is teaching him Urdu. At this point Maan is decidedly apolitical.

This section contains 605 words
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