A Suitable Boy - Part 4 Summary & Analysis

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Part 4 Summary

When Veena returns home, her son Bhaskar is sitting between his father Kedarnath and Haresh Khanna. Bhaskar is discussing the power of ten with Haresh who is fascinated by the precocious child. The question is raised about a word for the number 10 thousand. Kedarnath Tandon, the brother-in-law of Pran and Maan Kapoor, has a shoe stall in Brahmpur Shoe Market and agrees to take Haresh around to learn the workings of the leather industry. Haresh is on business to buy materials for the Cawnpore Leather & Footwear Company (CLFC). On their outing together, the subject of the Raja of Marh and his drive to lead the armies of Shiva in opposition to the Muslims comes up. Hypocritically, however, the Raja is besotted with Muslim courtesans. Their first stop is into the tanning pits that is a scene of poverty and squalor. They slowly make their way in the rickshaw to the area where Jagat Ram has his shoe manufacturing shop. The question arises whether Jagat Ram can reproduce brogues like the ones Haresh has from CLFC. Following this outing, there is a coincidental meeting at the home of Sunil Patwardhan, a mathematics teacher friend of Haresh. Haresh, something of a natty dresser, is not wearing CLFC brogues since he prefers his English made shoes. He goes to Sunil's house to borrow the brogues he gave his friend for Jagat Ram to examine before making a sample himself. Several friends of Sunil's assemble and an impromptu party ensues when Professor Dr. Durrani, the mathematician drops in unexpectedly. This gives Haresh an opportunity to make an appointment for the professor with Bhaskar Tandon. Interestingly, after Pran Kapoor leaves the party, he thinks of Haresh as a likely prospect for his sister-in-law, Lata, if only he were not already spoken for. The next day Haresh takes Bhaskar to visit Dr. Durrani. Leaving on the train for Calcutta, Haresh sees Pran escorting two ladies, the younger one in a pale blue sari, and noted that her face was striking but wore a look of sadness.

Part 4 Analysis

Coincidence plays an important role in this chapter. After Haresh sees that Bhaskar, the son of Kedarnath Tandon, is precocious in mathematics, he persuades Kedarnath to take him around the shoe manufacturing area of Brahmpur. Meeting Jagat Ram who may be able to reproduce the CLFC brogues, Haresh needs a pair of brogues for him to copy. He has given a pair to his friend Sunil and goes there to retrieve them when Dr. Durrani happens to drop over. This give him a chance to set up an interview with Kedarnath's son. Next Pran Kapoor, Lata's brother-in-law, comes by setting up the coincidence of Haresh's seeing Lata with Pran and her mother at the train station. Dr. Durrani is the father of Kabir, the boy who is making Lata's face look so sad.

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