A Suitable Boy - Part 3 Summary & Analysis

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Part 3 Summary

As an April Fool's joke, Pran pretends to get a phone call saying that Lata has eloped with Maan. Pran finds that no one appreciates his gag and makes efforts to apologize. As a way of making up, Pran takes the women to the movies where they have a confrontation with a man creating a disturbance in the theater. It turns out that the man is Rupa's father. The awkward situation continues into the lobby where Lata faces the old question from her grandfather as to why she is not married. Back at school, Lata suffers a complete block as she stares at the questions on her English exam. Outside the exam, Lata meets up with Kabir again by accident. Lata goes to her friend Malati where they discuss Lata's interest in the boy from the bookstore. Two days later, Lata and Malati run into the handsome boy again at a music recital. Malati recognizes that Lata is falling in love with Kabir. She begins by meeting him at a poetry club gathering which soon graduates into walks and eventually a river boat trip to Barsaat Mahal. The two young people fall in love in spite of Lata's discovery that he is Muslim. She confides in her sister, Savita, who advises that she not tell their mother. Gossip, however, travels fast and Mrs. Rupa Mehra soon learns of the situation which she fears will forever spoil any chances of marrying Lata off to a suitable boy. Mrs. Rupa carts Lata off quickly to Calcutta.

Part 3 Analysis

In this chapter, as well as in other parts of the novel, Seth describes various Hindu celebrations. The action centers around the Mehra family and the Kapoor family that draws a comparison between Lata Mehra and Maan Kapoor to point out the different social standards of behavior allowed boys and girls. Lata's behavior with Kabir alarms Rupa so much that she carts Lata off to Calcutta the moment she finds out about Lata and her Muslim friend. Maan, on the other hand, continues his infatuation with the courtesan, Saeeda Bai, with only a bit of gossip but without the stigma attached to an unmarried woman. The romantic site, the Barsaat Mahal, represents both lovers and the lovelorn. It is a sight that draws Lata and Kabir more closely together, but it is a place Firoz jokingly refers to as a place to commit suicide.

This section contains 405 words
(approx. 2 pages at 400 words per page)
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