A Suitable Boy - Part 2 Summary & Analysis

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Part 2 Summary

The second chapter of A SUITABLE BOY deals with the conflict between Muslims and Hindus as the Muslim courtesan, Saeeda Bai Firozabadi entertains at a party on the event of Holi, a Hindu festival. The festival which features throwing of bright colored pigments on people is thoroughly enjoyed by the younger Hindus but often upsetting to the older generation who happen to get saturated with color. There is a great deal of "bhang" (an Indian alcoholic beverage) passed around during Holi, and Maan Kapoor has a decided taste for the drink. Attending the party at the Kapoor residence, Maan first becomes aware of Saeeda Bai and is immediately infatuated with her. Aside from her recitals at parties, Saeeda Bai is more or less kept by the Raja of Marh, a fact that does not hamper Maan's infatuation. Lata and Kabir had been to India's most romantic spot, the Barsaat Mahal, and now Maan goes there where he finds Firoz who fills him in on the latest gossip about him and Saeeda Bai. The Raja of Marh, visiting Saeeda Bai, rips a page out of a book of Urdu poems given to the courtesan by Maan. The page is an illustration of Muslims at prayer. Later, it is this book that sets in motion the subsequent sexual relationship between Maan and Saeeda Bai.

Part 2 Analysis

In this chapter, religious holidays, Indian alcohol, and the social position of courtesans are the main topics of discussion. The reader adequately experiences the fun of Holi as the young people toss their colors on each other and manage to upset some of the older characters of the novel. There is a great deal of drinking during the holiday, a circumstance that on other days would not be considered acceptable. There is a hint at the social caste system in the friends of Maan's who do not really fit in with the upper classes. The antagonism between Muslims and Hindus is depicted graphically when the Raja of Marh tears a page out of Saeeda Bai's book sent to her by Maan. Perhaps the attitudes of Maan and Lata towards Muslims indicate a much more tolerant position within the younger generation.

This section contains 369 words
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