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The Monkey's Paw

by W. W. Jacobs

Study Guide: The Monkey's Paw - What Do I Read Next?

Text: an Antiquary (1905) is his best known collection. An earlier writer of surpernatural tales is Joseph

The Mound Builders

by Lanford Wilson

Study Guide: The Mound Builders - Sources

Text: Sources Barnett, Gene A., Lanford Wilson, Twayne, 1987, pp. 100-01. ——&mdash

Aspects of the Novel

by E. M. Forster

Lesson Plans: Aspects of the Novel - Eight Week Quiz B

Text: novel. A) Controversial.B) Fundamental.C) Extraneous.D) Ridiculous. 4. Which characters in The Antiquary

Crust (geology)

Encyclopedia Article: Crust - Crust

Text: ="">Dating Methods;

Henry James Sumner Maine

Biography: Henry James Sumner Maine, Sir - Henry James Sumner Maine, Sir

Text: steadily gained in reputation as a philosopher of law and a brilliant legal antiquary until, with the

Ludovico Antonio Muratori

Biography: Lodovico Antonio Muratori - Lodovico Antonio Muratori

Text: The Italian historian and antiquary Lodovico Antonio Muratori (1672-1750) is known for his

Robert Vaughan

Biography: Robert Vaughan - Robert Vaughan

Text: reached publication) nor as a scholar and antiquary--though, as such, he was among the most scrupulous and

Robert Bruce Cotton

Biography: Sir Robert Bruce Cotton - Sir Robert Bruce Cotton

Text: several decades earlier, the biographer and antiquary Thomas Smith characterized Cotton as a man of


Encyclopedia Article: E-Mail - E-Mail and Bioterrorism

Text: href="">(read more)

Democracy in America

by Alexis De Tocqueville

Lesson Plans: Democracy in America - Quiz/Test Generator

Text: Generate questions from: * Volume 1, Chapter 1-5 * Volume 1, Chapter 6-13 * Volume 1, Chapter 14-18


Encyclopedia Article: 1900s: Print Culture - Mutt & Jeff

Text: ://">(read more)

1910 in sports

Encyclopedia Article: 1910s: Sports and Games - Erector Sets

Text: /?p=gale&u=1910s-sports-and-games-bbbb-01">(read more)

Blood alcohol content

Encyclopedia Article: Blood Alcohol Concentration, Measures Of - Blood Alcohol Concentration, Measures Of

Text: href="


Encyclopedia Article: Incineration - Incineration

Text: /checkout/?p=gale&u=incineration-enve-01">(read more)

Jean Piaget

Encyclopedia Article: Piaget, Jean (1896-1980) - Piaget, Jean (1896-1980)

Text: ://">(read more)

Hermann Oberth

Encyclopedia Article: Oberth, Hermann - Oberth, Hermann

Text: -hutchings-spsc-01/">Goddard, Robert Hutchings (Volume 1);;

Low level waste

Encyclopedia Article: Low-Level Radioactive Waste - Low-Level Radioactive Waste

Text: -radioactive-waste-enve-01/hanford-nuclear-reservation-enve-01.html">Hanford Nuclear Reservation;


Encyclopedia Article: Improvement Cutting - Improvement Cutting

Text: ="/research/improvement-cutting-enve-01/clear-cutting-enve-01.html">Clear-Cutting;

Going Too Far

by Jennifer Echols

Study Guide: Going Too Far - Chapter 17

Text: people. >Later, Meg calls Lois and then at 6:01 am the next morning, Meg calls John. When she tells him

Gacela of the Dark Death

by Federico García Lorca

Study Guide: Gacela of the Dark Death - Bibliography

Text: Five: The Later Poetry," in Federico García Lorca, Twayne Publishers, pp. 100—01. Gibson


Encyclopedia Article: Leaching - Leaching

Text: ="/research/leaching-enve-01/landfill-enve-01.html">Landfill;

Hugh Miller

Literature Criticism: Critical Essay by James G. Paradis - Critical Essay by James G. Paradis

Text: . “The Natural Historian as Antiquary of the World: Hugh Miller and the Rise of Literary Natural


Encyclopedia Article: Ethanol - Ethanol

Text: /ethanol-enve-01/alternative-energy-sources-enve-01.html">Alternative Fuels

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