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Amyl nitrite

Encyclopedia Article: Amyl Nitrite -

Title: Amyl Nitrite -

Text: Amyl Nitrite What Kind of Drug Is It?


Encyclopedia Article: Amyl Nitrite - History Notes

Title: Amyl Nitrite - History Notes

Text: Amyl Nitrite: History Notes


by Homer

Study Guide: The Odyssey - Compare & Contrast

Text: "great kings" (those of Egypt, the Hittite empire, and, the kings of Mycenae, among others) who control

Sinuhe the Egyptian: A Novel

by Mika Waltari

Study Guide: Sinuhe the Egyptian: A Novel - Book 15, Horemheb

Text: everything Shubattu is served. If he appears to fall ill, Hittite doctors will be called to cure him, not an


Encyclopedia Article: Teshub - Teshub

Text: the Hittite sphere are still somewhat poorly understood, most of what we know about the god, his


Encyclopedia Article: Armenian Religion - Armenian Religion

Text: derived. Thus, the Armenian divinity Torkʿ is the Hittite Tarḫundas, and the Armenian word

Salt (disambiguation)

Encyclopedia Article: Salt - Salt

Text: sacrifices, in Hittite rituals, and during the New Moon festivals of Semites and Greeks, salt was thrown on

When God Was a Woman

by Merlin Stone

Study Guide: When God Was a Woman - Quotes

Text: . Both of them started their historiographic careers on Hittite substratum.'" Chap. 5, p. 108 >"The

All of the Women of the Bible

by Edith Deen

Lesson Plans: All of the Women of the Bible - Multiple Choice

Text: ) A Hittite soldier. 42. Who was Zilpah? A) Jacob's grandmother.B) A rabbi.C) A prophetess.D) Leah's

God: A Biography

by Jack Miles

Study Guide: God: A Biography - Chapter 4

Text: case-by-case basis. The Tanakh preserves some folk customs from nomadic days (Abraham takes Hittite

The 12th Planet

by Zecharia Sitchin

Study Guide: The 12th Planet - Chapter 6, The Twelfth Planet

Text: of the solar system, which he links to Mesopotamia, the Hittites, and Babylonia. Even older


Encyclopedia Article: Nitrification - Nitrification

Text: of ammonia to nitrite, and is accomplished by Nitrosomas in the soil and Nitrosoccus


Encyclopedia Article: Gneiss - Gneiss

Text: biotite, garnet, hornblende, mica, and other minerals. These structures do not record a layered

Red algae

Encyclopedia Article: Rhyolite - Rhyolite

Text: . Ferromagnesian, or dark, minerals are rare as phenocrysts, being mostly biotite when present. Trace

Trojan War

Student Essay: The Trojan War, Fact or Fiction? -

Text: excavation of Hissarlik, Troy VI and the Hittite tablets has proven the existence of Troy as well as the


Question: Homework Help Question

Text: resources like water ,oxygen, nitrite levels  in order to maintain the supply of materials needed to

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