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The Hand: How Its Use Shapes the Brain, Language, and Human Culture

by Frank R. Wilson

Study Guide: The Hand: How Its Use Shapes the Brain, Language, and Human Culture - The Articulate Hand

Title: The Hand: How Its Use Shapes the Brain, Language, and Human Culture - The Articulate Hand

Text: The Articulate Hand Summary and Analysis The French physician Paul Broca identifies an area in the

What I Have Been Doing Lately

by Jamaica Kincaid

Study Guide: What I Have Been Doing Lately - Introduction

Text: for "her ability to articulate the internal workings of a potent imagination without sacrificing the

Subculture, the Meaning of Style

by Dick Hebdige

Study Guide: Subculture, the Meaning of Style - Conclusion

Text: to articulate. He begins with Genet, whose love for the imprisoned writer George Jackson has helped

Funny in Farsi: A Memoir of Growing Up Iranian in America

by Firoozeh Dumas

Study Guide: Funny in Farsi: A Memoir of Growing Up Iranian in America - Chapters 25 and 26

Text: competitions and had to articulate their opinion on some general question. The judges all agreed that the most

I felt a Funeral, in my Brain

by Emily Dickinson

Study Guide: I felt a Funeral, in my Brain - Introduction

Text: collapse until she faces a destruction that no words can articulate. As the metaphorical funeral begins and

Ana Castillo

Biography: Ana Castillo - Ana Castillo

Text: Ana Castillo is, according to Elsa Saeta writing in Melus, "One of the most articulate

Barron Field (BookRags)

Biography: Barron Field - Barron Field

Text: set for himself, namely to articulate a landscape where "nature reflecting...

Francis William Aston

Biography: Francis W. Aston - Francis W. Aston

Text: spectrograph that he built himself. This device allowed him to articulate the theory that the atomic weight of

H. L. Mencken

Biography: H(enry) L(ouis) Mencken - H(enry) L(ouis) Mencken

Text: people regardless of color, gender, origin, or social class. One of the most articulate members of

Hortense Calisher

Biography: Hortense Calisher - Hortense Calisher

Text: ," and even, by Anthony Burgess, "too Calisherianly articulate" (The New York Times Book Review, 7

Jack Kemp

Biography: Jack French Kemp, Jr. - Jack French Kemp, Jr.

Text: 1935), was an articulate spokesperson for the Republican Party for many years. He was the vice

Janet Hamilton

Biography: Janet Hamilton - Janet Hamilton

Text: industrial blight, Hamilton eventually became an articulate spokeswoman for the working class and a

Jean-Baptiste Henri Lacordaire

Biography: Jean Baptiste Henri Lacordaire - Jean Baptiste Henri Lacordaire

Text: in Dijon. As a bright and articulate young lawyer, he continued searching for something that would

John Hammond (BookRags)

Biography: John Hammond - John Hammond

Text: . Ultimately, according to Hammond's articulate and balanced view based on over two decades of residence, the

Larry McMurtry

Biography: Larry Mcmurtry - Larry Mcmurtry

Text: touchingly horrified. Over? The Old West? They couldn't quite articulate it, but what they were struggling to

Margaret Drabble

Biography: Margaret Drabble - Margaret Drabble

Text: selfaware, articulate, intelligent, career-concerned; they are also wives and mothers...

Matthew Gregory Lewis

Biography: Matthew Gregory Lewis - Matthew Gregory Lewis

Text: placed to articulate the ambivalence many Britons felt about the changes facing their society and its

Michael Atiyah

Biography: Michael Francis Atiyah - Michael Francis Atiyah

Text: articulate spokesperson for the importance of theoretical research.Atiyah was born in London on April 22

Nathaniel Culverwel

Biography: Nathaniel Culverwel - Nathaniel Culverwel

Text: was an articulate spokesman for the more Puritan side of the school represented by Benjamin Whichcote

Neal Cassady

Biography: Neal Cassady - Neal Cassady

Text: and limitations commonly placed upon human behavior and to articulate a...

Olivar Asselin

Biography: Olivar Asselin - Olivar Asselin

Text: Olivar Asselin is remembered as one of the most forceful and articulate journalists French

Raymond Williams

Biography: Raymond (Henry) Williams - Raymond (Henry) Williams

Text: , combining articulate political commitment with an activism that was both theoretically sophisticated and of

Sarah E(lizabeth) Wright

Biography: Sarah E(lizabeth) Wright - Sarah E(lizabeth) Wright

Text: illuminating," but to extending herself unselfishly to others in their endeavor to articulate the "truths

Sidney Nolan

Biography: Sidney Robert Nolan - Sidney Robert Nolan

Text: leading figure among the artists then beginning to articulate Australians' newfound awareness of their

T. F. Powys

Biography: T(heodore) F(rancis) Powys - T(heodore) F(rancis) Powys

Text: "nightmare land halfway between Bedlam and Hell." Against a rustic backdrop Powys sought to articulate his

Thomas Crerar

Biography: Thomas Alexander Crerar - Thomas Alexander Crerar

Text: president until 1929, acquired a reputation as an articulate spokesman for the Western point of view.

Thomas Huxley

Biography: T(homas) H(enry) Huxley - T(homas) H(enry) Huxley

Text: role as "Darwin's Bulldog," the foremost advocate of Darwinian evolution.Tenacious and articulate

William Archer

Biography: William Archer - William Archer

Text: his translation and dogged, articulate defense of Henrik Ibsen in the 1880s and 1890s. Moreover, his

William Byrd

Biography: William Byrd - William Byrd

Text: him to have been a thoughtful and articulate author, seriously concerned with the nature of the musico

William Douw Lighthall

Biography: William Douw Lighthall - William Douw Lighthall

Text: from the hearts of two centuries--William Douw Lighthall was an articulate witness to Canadian

Zoe Wicomb

Biography: Zoe Wicomb - Zoe Wicomb

Text: voice in South African fiction. The stories articulate the pressures and contradictions attendant on a

A Solitary Blue

by Cynthia Voigt

Study Guide: A Solitary Blue - Literary Qualities

Text: to be very articulate but never chatty. Melody, on the other hand, fairly gushes with words: light

Dagon and Other Macabre Tales

by H. P. Lovecraft

Study Guide: Dagon and Other Macabre Tales - Hypnos

Text: unable to articulate the things that they see to each other. During one dream, the two men travel

Brave New World

by Aldous Huxley

Study Guide: Brave New World - For Further Study

Text: exploration of Huxley's ability to articulate the pulse of twentieth century thought. Peter Bowering


by Bharati Mukherjee

Study Guide: Jasmine - Critical Overview

Text: girl, from becoming a liberated and articulate New World woman in a relatively short time. Grewal

Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain

by David Eagleman

Study Guide: Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain - Chapter 1 There's Someone In My Head, But It's Not Me

Text: they could not articulate exactly why they found dilated eyes more attractive. >This illustrates the

Curse of the Starving Class

by Sam Shepard

Study Guide: Curse of the Starving Class - Critical Essay #10

Text: in the text actually works to articulate an image of the male characters as sons rather than fathers

Gathering Blue

by Lois Lowry

Study Guide: Gathering Blue - Social Sensitivity

Text: articulate, filthy, and loud and tasks them with the least desirable jobs in the village. They are violent

Two Trains Running

by August Wilson

Study Guide: Two Trains Running - Topics for Further Study

Text: of its era, and what social themes and positions you will articulate in your drama.

W.E.B. DuBois

Encyclopedia Article: Du Bois, W. E. B. - Du Bois, W. E. B.

Text: and money hard to come by, Du Bois was bright and articulate and he excelled in school. Most of his

Gongsun Long

Encyclopedia Article: Gongsun Long (320–250 Bce) -

Text: view of its substantial philosophical points, its articulate character of rational argumentation, and

The Truth About Forever

by Sarah Dessen

Study Guide: The Truth About Forever - Style

Text: , Macy Queen. The narrator is articulate, honest, and straightforward, describing events both past and

Skeleton Man

by Tony Hillerman

Study Guide: Skeleton Man - Chapter 1

Text: articulate his deeply held and ancient native beliefs about how things work in the universe. Describing what

The Talented Mr. Ripley

by Patricia Highsmith

Study Guide: The Talented Mr. Ripley - Literary Precedents

Text: glimpse the unconscious—what Strether is unable to consciously articulate and realize, but we are


by Roald Dahl

Study Guide: Matilda - Chapter 2: Mr. Wormwood, the Great Car Dealer

Text: articulate to them and herself why they are wrong. She is clearly already smarter than they are and the world

Infinite Jest

by David Foster Wallace

Study Guide: Infinite Jest - Chapter 1, Year of Glad, and Chapter 2, Year of the Depend Adult Undergarment

Text: problems and is no longer able to articulate, although it seems he is cognitively aware of what is going on


by Tom Stoppard

Study Guide: Arcadia - Act 1, Scene 1, Part 1

Text: foreshadowing and exposition, all couched in extremely witty dialogue and highly articulate use of language.


by John Edgar Wideman

Study Guide: Fever - Critical Essay #4

Text: . And Allen can articulate no reason for staying to combat the "unpleasantness from Egypt." . . . Unlike

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